Jaded Journey

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Kills I 5 Points

Achieve some kills!

Moneybags I 5 Points

Have some gold to your name

Kills II 10 Points

Achieve 50 kills

Moneybags II 10 Points

Hold 50 gold at once

Kills III 50 Points

Achieve a lot of kills (150)

Moneybags III 50 Points

Hold 300 gold at once

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Welcome to Jaded Journey! See how far you can go until you meet your inevitable demise. Fight against 15+ unique enemies and harvest their SOULS! Upgrade your arsenal of weapons and armor, and cash in those souls you reap!
Can you make it to the end?

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A fun game at first, but it gets very tedious. I wish it was an idle game instead of having to constantly click to attack.

Also, being able to buy armor and swords after every time that you die would've been nice instead of it showing up randomly.

I enjoyed this game to a point, but like I said, very tedious.


First time I played this, I made quite a lot of progress then had to quit. Was rather annoyed to find my progress wasn't saved and I had to start all over again, but not nearly as annoyed as at the bugs I ran into this time through. First, the weapons I purchased at the shop cost more than they said they did, and put me into NEGATIVE gold each time I purchased one. Secondly, I made it to 150 kills and beyond, and the boss never spawned. So I didn't even get either of the medals I slogged through this AGAIN for. Quite irritating. Kind of a fun game, but needs fixed badly.

It's like an idle game that isn't idle. I guess an OK game to waste some time with, but pretty tedious and pointless. All you do is click this sword icon over and over, as fast as you can. That's the whole game. You think it would have an auto-clicker, or let you upgrade/buy one at some point, but I never saw such a thing.

Also what's the deal with the player character and the opponent being so far across from each other on the screen? I thought it was to make room for when you have a big group of baddies, but I never saw more than 1-on-1 combat.

And what's with the baddie in a robe that runs out and just lays down in the middle of the road? No, he's not dead yet, he still has hit points. He just decides to lay down in the road and not even attack. How's that supposed to be an effective strategy to defeat me? Does he have some kind of mental handicap or what? Why is he in the game?

Also one time when I was buying armor it let my gold go down to -22

Not a bad start for a guy writing a game, but needs polish to make it interesting and fun.

Game was fun until the mega glitch where I had gotten really far and almost killed the skeleton king and stats were high and the armor cycled through what appears to be all the sprites and everything got super expensive and it looked like my stats reset after getting high up there..

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
1:09 AM EST
Adventure - Other