Girls n' Goblins

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This was my second attempt at 2D frame by frame animation, my first being way back in 2015/2016. Very happy with the way that things turned out, and I'm very much looking forward to making more short animations!

Sadly no cumming animation as it's not something I'm completely comfortable with, but it's something I will definitely try with my next one!


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This is some really good art and animation! It kinda reminds me of Nina Xann’s artworks.

I love everything but the dick :( ruined it for my fragile heterosexuality

Ohh god can you hear it? The PTSD is coming back, ohh god why did I click those links, all the meat, all the spin.
God it will never leave me alone.

I mean, despite that it's actually a Futanari/Shemale, it's a hot animation. I'm just disappointed how there isn't a climax, but again, that's more of a extra.

But yeah, you should try to avoid misleading titles or thumbnails, since you can certainly see the results here in the review section.

Will chip a point off for false+misleading title.
Seeing how it's two dudes fucking. Not to mention it seems to be an orc, troll or similar. Bit of preconceived notions, yeah. But when you say "goblin", I expect something generally meek and tiny. Not larger than a succubus. Or, technically incubus in this case.

Animation itself: Does look really nice in most places. There are quality gaps (like his hands) compared to the rest of the detail. But most of it stays rather consistent. Mainly tits, face and dick that has notably more texture than the rest.
It is a really solid loop with good quality to it. Not really any reason for why its over a minute with the same loop... but aside from advertisement, it is a perfectly good job. Needs a bit of polish here and there, but for a second attempt its good.

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3.71 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
1:04 AM EST