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Madness Re-Organization: Episode 1

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During an attack orchestrated by Giuseppe on Ceres' base, two rookies were assassinated by a Rebel. This is due to the weaponry of Eris, who was in charge of the rookies, being defective.
In order to find out exactly why the weapon failed to function properly, Ceres and his team visit their supplier, Dione.

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Why didn't i see this in my feed earlier?!
I'll be waiting a pre/sequel to this! :D

What the fuck,why is this animation only got 3 pages of comments?
The story building is pretty good,i like what ya did with the BGs,very...you?idk,that was my feel lol.
For the dialogues,this it would better if ya give each bois a color of it own,or show the name of who are currently talking by then,im only see ya did it in the end of the animation,but only with Ceres and Dione,while kept the same with other bois.
Anyway,im sharing this work to the other now,cuz this my friend,is a hidden gem.

HarryDeeGunman responds:

Aw, come on! It's not that big of a deal. Thanks anyway! I appreciate your comment!

I like the atmosphere here. It feels pretty unique, what with the font and the character designs. The music also added a lot to that feeling. The story seems interesting too. However, the action was pretty lacking. It's not that the animation wasn't good, it was. There just weren't really any super interrsting kills. I get this is a more grounded universe, but you still could have had some cool shootouts. I certainly liked the strategic stealth takeouts. The three guys inside were quite simple though. I don't see the logic of wasting bullets on the guy who was already full of holes. The knife kill was, I guess, pretty strategic but not too exciting. Dione's death was cool though. That face att he end looked awesome too.
I just realized that this is episode 1. It kinda thrusts you right into the middle of the story. I feel like we should have seen what happened with the broken AK-47s, seen Dione doing things, had a bit of insight into this organization. I mean, who's Giuseppe?
I feel hype for this series, it's got potential, but you need to make it at least a bit more exciting or stealthy and maybe give us a prequel to this episode.

HarryDeeGunman responds:

YES! I totally agree! The lack of action and simplicity of the kills were what I considered the weakest part of this movie. I really want to improve that aspect in the upcoming movies, so be looking forward to that. And also, for Episode 2, I will be digging more into the backstory of the characters we see here. And overall explain better who is who, and what is what. Thanks for the review! It is much appreciated!

Hmm, looks good

This is really, really good! It's got an interesting and engaging plot, very smooth animation, nice music. It's really good! I can't wait for the next episode.

HarryDeeGunman responds:

Eyy, thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it!