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Sonic Meets Movie Sonic

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Movie Sonic is real. Modern Sonic meets him. It doesn't really go over well. This is my first brand new cartoon while being on Newgrounds.

This video was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on January 21, 2019.

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MugiMikey: Sonic
Spazkidin3d: Movie Sonic
TheOnlyFlorence: Destructive Robot the Robot
JessePajamas: Officer Tom

Huge thanks to JessePajamas for the background music, and a huge thanks to Spazkid for drawing that awesome shot of Movie Sonic's butt

A huge thanks to my patrons:
Alicia Nichols
Bryan Rooke
Jay Bentley
Azure Shaw
Husky-Leaf Studios
Chloe Davis

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Haha the original Sonic movie still sucks balls

Yeeesss lol

the sonic movie in 2021 is better then that old one it looked like a fuckin rat

i want to see sanic in da BIG screen

are you literally stealing all my ideas?