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So, this is a lewd version of the grand-grand-mother of all video games - Pong. You have a half-nude girls instead of rackets and must bounce ball off tits. Also it wouldn't bounce by itself, you should repel it manually in due timing.

I am still trying different web engines. This time I used Phaser. Well, it is somewhat better than lot of other things but still very clunky and uncomfortable to use. I've used it's build-in physics but honestly I shouldn't - it is not in working state, glitching constantly, failing to resolve simplest collisions and well, not something anyone should use. But it was too late already when I got all that issues so I was too lazy to rewrite it with my own code(even if it is that simple).

Anyway, enjoy this stupid lewd mini-game.

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Nice art, but I do agree that whatever is going on with the hitboxes/physics is a major problem...

It is pretty beatable when you do discover what works, though. (I found that the girl's neck constantly returned the ball, it was pretty easy after I figured it out). I don't think the AI's is an issue, it's just that it is difficult to hit the ball enough to get to the speed needed to trick it.

so as entertaining as this concept is... im forced to give it an abysmal score cause it just feels unplayable... this isnt after just one try this is after several attempts.
you do have to have the ball overlapping the "paddle" before you hit the button to bounce it back but even when you do it will often miss...
fix your hit boxes or make it automatic (like classic pong) and this may start to see higher stars from everyone else

The artwork's pretty good, but yeah, keep messing around with different game engines.
Have you thought about collaborating with another author using your art assets?

Where is the hitbox for the tits even at? I had the ball line up perfectly when I served but it passed right through.

Murabito-H responds:

It is like two times bigger than tits. Just the engine's physics is utter shit, I am sorry, can't do anything about it.

This game have a bad I.A , because when the ball get faster the other girl go faster
Edit: I WIN!!! is easy when you learn the size of the hitbox.

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1.82 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2019
8:26 PM EST
Skill - Other