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Sonic Meets the Deadly Six

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Alright, so I look back on this one and cringe a little. It got over 18 million views on YouTube so I guess some people like it for some reason, but I can't really say I think this one aged fairly well. It was fun to make at the time though, when we were all somewhat optimistic about Sonic Lost World because we were right off the heels of the very successful Colors and Generations titles. Welp...

This video was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on October 4, 2013.


MugiMikey: Sonic, Shadow, Zazz, Zor

TheOnlyFlorence: Master Zik, Zomom, Knuckles

KoVox: Picky, Zavok

Axel Lazuli: Zeena

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just how i rember sonic meeting the deadly six