Banging & Milking the Cowgirl

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By banging this cowgirl doggystyle, her already huge breast will enlarge further. Once her boobs are full, she will be ready to be milked.
Note: the milking problem has been fixed, the icon to milk her will appear on the game's menu once she has been banged about half a dozen times.

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Im not a choosing beggar, But come on. I'm trying to enjoy a nice fap when all I get is three options. You should instead, have more in-depth games for patreon supporters and post only a few full-release ones onto newgrounds. You gotta let someone know what they're getting before they pay.

It's all very stiff and basic. Click the sex button, wait, click the milk button, milk, repeat. It also has to be a specific and alternating order with the breasts. It would be fun if there were more possibilities, such as milking while having sex, or maybe playing with one more than the other just because. Regarding the buttons, there are two issues. One is that the speed up button for the sex doesn't really seem to speed things up much. Additionally what does that second button do? I tried clicking on it multiple times. The first time, I didn't notice anything different, and the second, it made it so I couldn't milk her for some reason. The others I could figure out because they're familiar icons, but that one isn't. Some sort of explanation worked in might be of use (like, say, by hovering over it or a help button).

An enjoyable mini-game to pass a little time, but not a lot of substance. The art style is enjoyable. Keep up the goof work though!


Thanks Echo ;)
Check out the full game for a lot more content

The posing is horrible, you can't even see whats happening. Their should either be an X-ray option or a second camera.

Edit also 80% of the options are Patreon only, I shall lower my score even more.

Milking objective not accomplished here either. Is it perhaps a browser problem?

Fantasy manifestation of sexy girl as heavy-uddered, milk-swollen cow: completely mad, but classic, and mighty.

Your girl there is a sex Venus, too.

Nice touches, such as her tongue lolling in an open mouth, and thighs squeezed together, knees pointed inwards, both to maximize her openness round the back and allow clit pressure (strong impression from all that she is helplessly enjoying it), her willing use of a "minimal cow suit" for the shagging/milking role, Holstein-Friesian "half-hand" opera gloves and stockings (or perhaps boots?) most of the way up voluptuous thighs, good heavy swinging rhythm of her engorged tits and enlarged nipples. Skeins of hair slightly loose, too, sexy. Also good, how her body is flushed reddish with the exertion and excitement. Blushing is good.

I don't object to the extras for patrons only. If you play for free, you can't really expect everything.

One small detail - the perspective is the wrong way round, in the size of her fantastically impressive fantasy mams. The nearer one should be slightly larger, not the further one. (Don't say in reality, few pairs of breasts are 100% equal size, shape, hang, etc - we're talking obvious massive fantasy in this case. But still better to observe perspective! :D )

And I suppose even in fantasy, I'd expect tits that swollen to be matched by an eight-and-a-bit-months belly. But maybe she's already just had the quads or however much pressure of motherhood brought those breasts on! (Again, don't get realistic on me, and tell me, well actually .. I KNOWWWWW ...! :o) )

Game extract didn't work for me to the intended point of milk production. All the same, got to like it.


Hi PPE2 I just tested it and it worked. Try the following: start banging, wait until the boobs stop growing (text message should also appear saying she is ready) and check for a new button in the menu featuring a boobs + milk icon. Once you click that the demon Lust should vanish and you should be able to manually click on the boobs to milk them.

Thanks ^^ glad you like the model.

Good eyes! You spotted a lot of small and hard to notice details that we spent quite some time integrating. We dedicated a lot of attention to those small things in this animation.

Given the complexity and nature of the boob animation we decided to have that as a manual option for Patrons, so they can manually check out a multitude of "bouncing" options not guided by the banging + gravity.

Yes true, the closer one should be bigger, while playing around with the base size, the option we ran with appeared to be like the best looking one. There was something "wrong" when we made it "right".

Hehe ^^ yes, we made it more like a stimulation thing more than a realistic situation, kind of like if in this fantasy world Cowgirl's biology always allowed for milk.

The main game has the same problem this publication had before we fixed it. So we are also fixing it in the full The Legend of LUST game and will release the fix with the upcoming update (we release 1 a month).

PS let me know if the milking works for you, if not let me know which browser you are using, it might very well be that.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, it is appreciated ;)