Reclaim Reality - Hentai Game (NEW VERSION!)

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The demo's been revised! We've added/changed the following;

- Semi-reworked plot structure
- Highlights on important text to make reading/skimming easier
- Much faster text skip/text scrolling
- 30-40% of the script culled for main story stuff for easier readability
- Hover-text for clickable areas to draw attention to them
- Various bugfixes and features
- A gallery added at the start (unlocked once you beat the game once)
- A controls tutorial screen



We're depending on your Patreon pledges and support to fund this game, so that we can continue to pay our team; the game can't exist otherwise!

We're currently at about $800 a month on Patreon split equally between four team members, and while we absolutely appreciate all of that...

...if we don't hit around $2,000 ($500 a month per staff member) by the end of February, we won't be able pay everyone, which means the game will be dead in the water.

We don't want to be millionaires; we just want to have enough to be able to pay everyone fairly and to be able to make the best game we can for you.

The lead designer spent $18,000 of his own money to pay for the the assets for this demo (and more content beyond it), and he isn't taking a cut of Patreon profits either so his team can get paid at least a little bit more.

He's doing all this because the team as a whole has faith in the game being something that they feel is worth taking that risk on; we feel that a good amount of people would enjoy it.


So, after playing it, if you liked this demo, please consider supporting us at

< - http://www.patreon.com/ReclaimReality - >

You can see a lot more art, music, and backstory on the game over at the Patreon too!


Hey there!

This is a very early demo of our game, Reclaim Reality, a visual novel/action/adventure hybrid game with a Science Fiction/Mystery theme.

There's 8 "Lobes" (areas) in the full game, and this demo features the 1st Lobe, the "Frontal Lobe".

If you're having trouble running this demo, please try out the downloadable version at https://gamejolt.com/games/ReclaimReality/389817!
It has no loading time whatsoever, as well as numerous other small fixes and improvements to the audio and visuals.



Mouse - Almost everything
Ctrl - Hold to speed up text (there's a setting in the options to set it to a toggle instead)
S Key - Quicksave
L Key - Quickload
H key - Text History
R key - Hold to remove dialogue box (or hover mouse over bottom left corner)

The Options menu lets you set various things in the game (including blocking the yuri or tentacles content); you can find it on the title screen and on the 4th icon, the Disk, on the right-side menu in-game.



You can pre-purchase the full game at a 50% discount by pledging $10 over the course of the Patreon campaign at http://www.patreon.com/ReclaimReality!

The activity feed and Backer-Only Discord on Patreon is also accessible by pledging just $1 per month as well, and that counts towards the $10 total too.







ReddSpice - Sprite Art & GUI
Badriel - Backgrounds
FrougeDev - Programming
HentaiWriter - Story/Cutscenes, Public Relations, Directing & Game Design
Zylinder - GUI & Logo

Ge-b - Original Character Design
Asarge - Boss Fight Animation & Art
Fuyarinpa - Music
Lewd K. - SFX


Jean Elliott - Melinda
Aria Lynn - Alice
SilkyMilk - Ruth, Sylvie, Vera



PROBLEM: The game doesn't start up for me or has visual issues.
SOLUTION #1: Go to https://get.webgl.org and follow the instructions to get it working. Also, make sure to enable Unity Player by picking to "allow" it if it asks, at the top of your browser.
SOLUTION #2: Reset your browser settings; https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214?hl=en for chrome, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings for firefox. (This is the likely culprit.)
SOLUTION #3: Play the downloadable version.

PROBLEM: Sound doesn't play.
SOLUTION: Make sure to check the gear icon in the side menu while playing, or the options at the title screen, to make sure that your audio bars are turned up. If they are, check your sound settings in the bottom right corner of your taskbar (on Windows). Additionally, if you're on Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer, sound will not play.

PROBLEM: I can't figure out where to save the game.
SOLUTION: You can press "S" and "L" to quick-save and quick-load the game; alternatively, you can go to the disk icon on the side-menu at any time.

PROBLEM: I think I missed some text, how do I go back and see it?
SOLUTION: You can click on the "text history" button at the bottom of any text window, or press H at any time to see all the text that's been displayed so far in the game.

PROBLEM: I want to hide the dialogue box to see a scene better.
SOLUTION: Press and hold R to remove the box, or you can hover your mouse over the bottom left corner where the "remove box" text is at.

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oh man i really liked this demo i hope this project doesnt die its gonna be really sad to see that happen but if it doesnt im buiyng it when it fully comes out

My only problem with games like these are they pad out sooo much with dialouge, like I get you had a story you wanted to tell but man some of these scenes drag on with talking that just seems like they last slightly too long. The rest pretty good what can I say lol

A really polished demo! I actually don't mind the sound bites, rather than the whole sentence; gives it more of the JRPG vibe. The art style is really crisp, I love it!
My only suggestion would be the possibility of an option to have body hair on or off (pubic hair at minimum, but possibly also armpit/leg hair too!). I know that would mean more work for the animators though ^^"
I'm heading over to Patreon right now to help out <3


Now this is what i call a masterpiece.