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Into the raptors' nest (Scene100)

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Started in 2017 with the will to create something bigger than usual to celebrate the 100th animations (but not really!) of my creations, this scene had a lot of change among its creation! New set, new plot, new design, new models ect.... It almost killed me to the point I was wondering I would ever finish it... but as a matter of fact, there it finally is!!!
I hope you didn't high your expectations to high though ^^', but I also hope those 5 minutes of nothing but raptors action will please you :D

CHEERS !!!!!!

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why do i want to be this man

Am i the only one that wants to be' that man? I hope they will make part 2

One of the best I have ever watched

Ever find something so weird and disgusting it's entertaining? This is one of those things.