Corrupting the priestess

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You play as Marcus, a very successful businessman that is about to foreclose on a church when a very tempting offer is dropped in his laps by Aliane, the gorgeous high priestess.

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NOTE: Some people complained that saving didn't keep after shutting down the window. Two things to keep in mind.
1 - The game can be downloaded for free on my patreon page. That will make sure that the saves work all the time.
2 - Make sure that cookies are enabled on your computer. Just to make sure that the saves work, save when you start the game and see if it keeps.

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There's a lot of people complaining about the length and walls of text, but they make the game more of an experience in my opinion. Overall great game, though it would be nice if the box in the bottom corner had more visuals relevant to what was going on in the story.

this game took way too long to complete

I can barely read so i like looking at pictures better

After FINALLY finishing it I will give you one good kudo point and that was the save feature, at least for me, was rock solid. It was waiting there for me after almost A MONTH away, so good on you.

As for the rest...


The levels of 50 shades of grey BS in this thing is absurd. I want to walk up to half the character with a rusty tire iron and wipe the self satified smirks off each of their faces and having a An Illumet Priest show up and put an end to this would have been far, FAR more satisfying to read than your little BSDM fan fic. This is not a Domination game, THIS IS A STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SIMULATOR.

Any sexual excitement was drained from the experience due to the very chore of ending this abysmal display. I only finished because I'm goddamned completionist, not because I secretly enjoyed it.

I'm giving you a 3.5 on technical grounds as it was structurally sound, well coded, and did offer some nice touches that show care was put into creating this.


This was definitely a overall good game. The scenes were well written and delivered effectively. Even as a game without images, it did it's job. My only complaint is the amount of time it took to achieve the ending. Erotic games usually take under an hour and make for a pleasurable time, but this took me nearly four hours. I understand that this was the intent, given that there is a save/load screen and I could easily come back. However. The first two hours went smoothly. The story transitioned from one arc to another well and the scenes gradually got racier. Hours three and four left me constantly clicking through weekdays and just trying to get the last little smidge of the self worth bar down. That is LITERALLY my only complaint. All in all, I am impressed by the work and artistry for words that are presented here. I'm interested to see what comes next.

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3.04 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2019
11:37 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click