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Epic fight

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People please give review. I will try to improve with your help. also check my channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIzE8rToppuKXrK-LJSjiEw

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sheesh i didnt get it ;-; welp high review anyway bc i be like that

NoobVids responds:

Thanks. There was nothing to get. pretty rough animation.

I really liked it! The animation was smooth and the combat was great. I think if you added some story or more combat then it would be perfect.

NoobVids responds:

thank you. I will put my max effort next time.

try harder man

NoobVids responds:

I will. that was animated using mouse so.. thanks for your review though

You need to work on your english a bit more, but also on animating

NoobVids responds:

did i make mistake by using (review) only instead of (a review)