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Darkness Falls Season 1 (Ep1-5)

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Author Comments

This is the complete Season 1 (episodes 1-5) of Darkness Falls. This game follows two police detectives in the universe that my other games take place in (Dreaming with Elsa, Redemption for Jessika, Finding Miranda, and Saving Chloe). The tone is a bit darker than in those games, and there's less nudity and sex (although there are a few explicit scenes), but hopefully I've made up for that with good storytelling.

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Hey, T... I finally got around to this. Glad to see the quality of your work is as good as ever. This one started off a bit slow, but true to your style, it built up into a fun climax as the episodes progressed. I suspect that you have something big planned for future seasons because you've left interesting threads hangs all over the place. Your world-building and character development, along with the art, are as good as ever. Not sure what's holding back the rating on this one. Sometimes I think people see lots of click-through words and run away screaming.

I like the way you're breaking the story into "seasons" with individual but interconnected stories. The cases start off rather plain, but I imagine that your goal in the earlier episodes was to introduce characters. The mystery grows with each episode, and as it develops, the thought and research you've put into the material starts to become apparent. It starts to get really good in "Fade Away," when you allow the preternatural aspects of the world seep back into your story. Not seeing any branching paths yet, but there are some conversations that can take drastically different turns if suspects are questioned properly. I like the part where you choose when to signal Michelle to play "bad cop." Not so much the "hanging" scene where you have to click on things in the right order.

This seems to be taking place concurrently with the original Chloe tale, so I'm wondering where you're going with it. The links to the Elsa-verse are appreciated. It's nice to see some new characters... Janneke and the main villain clearly have powers, and Michelle seems to have a minor one. Also, great to see Marc and Jessica again (she's still my favorite :) ), and Mortze outdid himself with Miranda this time around. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but that power trio at the end are new characters, right? They didn't appear Xara's gang last time, so I'm curious as to where you're going with this. Maybe she has more contacts than we know? Also, I'd almost like to say that you should continue to develop the "father/daughter" dynamic between Blake and Michelle as opposed to ever making her a love interest, but your fans may expect the option. Maybe add some conversation choices that lead to different relationship outcomes between them?

The manuscript is in very good shape. When I hit the point where the cop says, "w-i-e-r-d," I thought, "Damn, I'd better let her know," and then Michelle says something like, "Can't spell, asshole?" There's a spot where Michelle says "Black" instead of "Blake," but I don't remember where. I'll tell you if I see it.

One thing I'd like to suggest is the option to select which episode we start with. My browser went down toward the end of episode 5, and I had click through the whole game to get back to where I was (hadn't saved.) Or did I miss it?

I'll keep an eye out for the rest of the story. Do keep up the good work. You and Mortze are an excellent team, and many people appreciate the work you put into your writing.

Magnificent writing and story as always. Truly another demonstration of the expertise of your craft. However, for the life of me, I haven't yet figured out the Episode 1 achievement.

@thereaperart: Actually, there is an overarching singular mistery. That mistery is not a singular crime case, though - at least, Blake & Won haven't figured it out yet. The other 4 games mentioned in description cover that, while Darkness Falls shows us the Police's point of view of some of those events, filling some gaps. But this is just Season 1 and I guess things will become clearer - or darker ;-) - during next Season

Will we see games with a female protagonist with a focus on lesbian, because I would pay for that.

tlaero responds:

Eventually, yes. I definitely want to do one, but know for sure that such a game will be rejected by the majority of my audience. So I need to do some more of what the fans want before I potentially alienate them with that game.


Great story, I enjoyed playing through every second of it. However, given that this is a detective story, I can't help but feels there's some missed potential here. There was almost no detective work done by the player. Your games usually have many different routs to them, so I understand you wanting to make a more linear story, but I think having a detective story linear was a poor choice. That being said, there are still many ways you could make a linear detective story work.
For one, there should have been one singular over arching mystery from beginning to end, that you give subtle hints and clues to, and slowly uncover the story with the characters.
Another option would be a simple add on to the layout you've already established. Throughout the game we were given three dialogue options that had no affect on the story, they were just roleplay incentive. However, I think you should use these choices for detective work. Every one in a while make it so you have to pick the right dialogue option based on previous information and clues, to progress in the story or case. You wouldn't need to add any extra endings, just make it so if you get it wrong Won fills in the blanks, and by the end of the episode or after enough wrong answers, your told the case has gone cold. And the right answers just progress you normally.
At the moment, while it was a great story that was fun and entertaining, it wasn't a good detective story.

tlaero responds:

Thank you for the feedback, thereaperart. Every episode had places where you had to do detective work to earn the achievement, and many of the things you suggested happened. It's possible that you did them all correctly and didn't realize that they were there, though. Good job! If you got all of the achievements, make sure you saw the bonus sex scene. (When you have all of the achievements, the menu will have a button to take you to the bonus scene.)