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Piano Movers

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2 sweet handsome dudes try and move a piano

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So this one here was pretty funny even as short as it was but it was to the point so the joke came across well, I would have loved some subtitles just to give it an overall better experience but regardless this was pretty fun of a little flick here so nice job.

I would have loved some subtitles just to give it an overall better experience


more evidence of Marc's impending psychosis that sublimates into comedic genius

I'm so glad you're getting significantly much more recognition these days.
kissy kissy

i feel like the understanding of comedic tension here in conjunction with the political assumptions we will always make abouta certain character ina certain situation, put in a sequence of scenes in a certain order creates a really masterful passage of building tension and then flowing it without being biting, but using a style that is more sucking licking and pleasing to the mind.... there is no rough play here although as innocent as these cartoon characters look there is a very skillful amount of tension quickly built up, clearly with a character called niglet being very racy, but in such contextless manner becomes much more pure and harmless and able to show us things about busting loads. of course in niglets defense, the dude who opens the door is very white and of course my words cant do the pace, the composition, the sound, everything of this justice i can try and ape my recognition of the craft at hand here as it relates to the energy flow created by this presentation, you KNOW what it LOOKS like with this man being approached by these "piano movers" you know what he LOOKS like SIPPING his water, then dramatically the scene shifts almost to confuse you enough to keep the momentum of the character buildup going, almost phishing you into believing the story as it passes into the next phase of new tensions, which as i am typing this i realize tricked me into not noticing how weird it is that these guys show up saying theyre there to move a piano, this guy is like i dont have a piano but have a daughter who needs a date to the dance, then they all start cheering one of the piano mover characters on as if he is so established in this dudes life ? idk maybe thats the whole joke anyways, yeah amazing cartoon,keep on ultimate partying dudes

Hilarious and random as fuck!

Well that went better than expected. :) Sweet ending... though seems to be surprisingly few people there on that dance floor there...