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See you, Cowgirl! Commission

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A commission done in December 2018. Just a small sample of my favorite part as the client wanted the rest to remain private. There is a bit of sound in this one too.

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It was rather good, the animation was smooth and the artwork is beautiful.

Good animation, though the riding of the dick itself is a little jerky with lack of frames.

squishingpixels responds:


cute dick.

it's cute i can give it that.

Oh wow that was good. And that was only a small part? Whoever commissioned it is lucky.

Also just curious where did you get the voices from like did you hire voice actresses?

EDIT: Oh ok that is probably why they wanted it to remain private then. Even though I get why I still want to see the whole thing :D

squishingpixels responds:


I didn't hire someone for this one but I will in the future. I have a few I really like to voice my characters. The voices for this was from the client so that was a nice addition. SFX were made by me.