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Our Apartment: 3D Animation Sample Demo

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For a list of compatible browsers please see the link below:

If you can't run this download the game from itch.io for android and windows!


Edit: Audio is "fixed" for now by undoing what i did to avoid audio lag, so for now if your frame rate drops the audio may lag behind. But at least you'll hear the whole thing rather than a repeating loop of audio...

This is a sample animation to show our goals for "Our Apartment" the next game we'll make after The Couch finishes it's core release content. This game will be a sequel to The Couch, and offer a lot of the same features in more of a 3D format plus a lot more thanks to the benefits of 3D.

But for now this project will only be short sex animations we'll release occasionally when releases for The Couch are slower. For now we just want to demonstrate what we can do and offer more public content!

Keep in mind all assets and content here are work in progress or temporary. In the future there will be significant improvements to the visuals and content. Along with audio mixing.

Find more info about this project on patreon!

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i get a white screen when it finishes loading is there a way to fix that

no idea freckles could be so fucking hot, i like how when she moves around they go from being barely visible to heavily visible in a very uniform manner

just going to throw this out there I'm not even rating the game but listen to everything made by hideki naganuma its great

I just noticed something. If you go into the turnaround and keep her clothes on, if you do it right you can get a peek under her skirt (is it supposed to be a dress sweater thing? maybe just a shirt? idk) and you can see that she has panties under there, meaning that these guys put effort into making something that would barely be noticeable. Not even as an easter egg either, they're just there. That is dedication just to please the crowds. Damn.

I don’t know if it’s just me but as soon as the game loads I just get greated with a white screen