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Wildhunt alt. Ending

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Animation Me
Ciri Voice LadyLustria
Succubus Voice Alexia

Originally got voted as christmas/holiday-special 2018 on my patreon. I decided to re-name it to Witchhunt alt. ending because everybody who follows me might think of that way :D

This video is also one of my first where I try a specific movement at 0:57 .I mean this could be the first steps to making "ahego" ish scene .

Anyway thank you for watching

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It says "alt. end" but I think it works just as well as a brief continuation. Again, excellent work all around.

KamaDevaSFM responds:

Thing is, the more you work on something it gets more polished but I cant circle around the same thing ,tho is project is one of most acurate I wanted to visualize. Kerigan was really a good choice .

Wow now this is dark

Dark but well done indeed great sounds too, I have no changes on mind at this time, So I was glad to see some interesting material it was certainly something differant but I enjoyed it, Anyways I was enjoying this movie here you put in some effort you put in the time and everything seemed to flow and work well, It's pretty satisfying when you get to see stuff like this so I thank you for creating something neat and differant, This had a simple touch I appreciate the simple things and thats why I liked this.

I have no changes on mind at this time



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