Escape from Warehouse

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In this game, you have to EScape from Warehouse. Assume that your in side the warehouse
and it key was missing so you have to escape from here.
You have to solve some interesting
puzzles and get some clues to complete
this game . Click on the objects
to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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This is shovelware, and that gets no points.
One of the "puzzles" that was really confusing is a bunch of random dots drawn in five circles with an apparent pattern. So you think it will be related to something, but no, the numbers of the dots relate to how many times you hit this row of five blank buttons. Then you just get a hammer to break open a bottle (which could never just be smashed on the ground or something).
You collect these jeweled eye-looking things to open a barrel, and some arrow-icons to open another, all just to get a hacksaw to open a garage gate to get out. Mind you, this is after you get a ladder in the first place that would let you climb over that same gate.
One clue that you get, using said ladder near the gate, gives you an order to press a nine-buttoned square to open it: well, just use that order to assign numbers based on your keypad. So if the bottom-center number is first, that's the number 2, top-center is 8 and so on. Then you can just write it down as a normal line of numbers and it will be easier to remember.
A similar puzzle has a grid of 4x4 squares, for a total of 16: when you find the clue, count from top left to the right and going downwards to remember which ones to press. That way you'll only have to remember about seven digits.
One puzzle on the first screen doesn't even require clues. It's just a shifting-shuffle puzzle, wherein you have to sort the four colors to have the dots match the squares. If you get stuck, remember that the dots can be moved off of their square after you've placed them there, so you can shuffle them around into the final order you need to have all four lined up.
One of the objects you get are a crowbar and a kind of wrecking-ball weight. You use them both in the same room: the room with the random dots in the circles on the end of the barrel, where it says Total. You'll put the ball on the end of a chain with a hook, and it lifts up a crate to reveal a clue. The crowbar is used on a box that apparently doesn't come open on its own, unlike a similar box in the room with the locked gate (let's call it room 4).
Speaking of the clue "Total" that was annoying has heck. You'll find two clues on pieces of paper in room 4, with numbers on them: oil sold and oil stock. Now, common sense would say to subtract the values to get the total. Instead, you add them, and then enter the number on a panel back in room 1.
The whole game leads to an unsatisfying conclusion, as many puzzles just end up feeling more pointless than a puzzle should be. In one instance, you can enter the correct positions on a row of sliding toggles that you click, but it didn't work. I don't know why.
A lot of these puzzles can be beaten by converting the "clues" to a numerical value.
One of the worst "puzzles" I saw in this was where you have to enter 4 four-digit codes in by clicking the numbers one at a time, over and over. So just to get the first number to light up, you have to click 4307, for example, but it's 1, 2, 3, 4... 1, 2, 3... skip... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And you have to repeat this four times while the clue is right there on the panel. There is nothing to figure out, it's just pointless clicking to get all four to light up and get the thing behind the panel. You don't flip a level and get access to another room, or get a special multitool that helps you access certain puzzles you couldn't before.
So in essence, it's like if Myst was really lazy and was churned out with little concern for replay value or player satisfaction. They actually tagged this as an adventure game: I don't think so.

The puzzles aren't that hard, and if anyone is reading these first, the game isn't broken anymore. The game is just bland and uninspired. Most of the answers are just sitting out or are obviously tied to a certain puzzle. There's also a lot of number locks and order clicking.

Don't include "up next" and "video walkthrough" functions that take us to your site. Either you have the walkthrough or you don't; adding a misleading link to your site that leaves us to find it is ridiculous. Same with using "up next" to generate more traffic. If we want to play more then we'll go ourselves.

Puzzle very hard!!!!!

I'm not sure what everyone else is talking about, I got through the game just fine. I had to use the walkthrough to get past some of the puzzles since the clues didn't make any sense. Almost daily 2-3 room escape games are uploaded, so this type of game is extremely unoriginal.

Broken. Fix and then resubmit.

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2.58 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2019
12:25 AM EST
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