Pimp Clicker v.1.11

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Pimp Clicker - is an idle game, that will let you be a PIMP. You have to hire, trade and upgrade your whores. Unlock new outfits, abilities, zones and much more.

- 2 new boss animatios;
- 3 new dirty talks;
- updated gallery;
- few new sounds;
- visual enchantments;
- game code optimization;
- rewritten some texts;
- bug fixes.

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had 100,000 clicks saved into the "protected combo points" (using an autoclicker and leaving the computer on for a couple hours) and then used coin flip... thought to myself, oh ill get like 20 million.... got 5k. how are you supposed to earn money without grinding for hours... also, as is many peoples concern, no save feature between builds, so in 2 weeks when a new build comes out all this will have been for nothing

How is it possible to end the game, even with cheats getting beyond 1500 is impossible!

Cheat enable: uuy2e

Unlock all locations: butnowicansee
Hire all characters: pimpthemall
Enable customization mode: truepowder
Transform into futa (female if already transformed): thecockrush
Spells cool down off: thedudeabides
Fill/Get all cosmetics: finefeathersmakefinebirds
Receive gold coins: greedisgood
Gold magnet: goldmagnet

Are you seriously trying this shit again and again and again without giving any real changes to the game?!
try making a game for the sake of the game and not for fucking profit and you might actually create somethin worth buying.

not much has really changed in game play from first release. midas cock is broken... it actually cuts coin received in half, coin flip doesn't seem to work right either. several times when combo points have been charged, the coin value stays the same, from 100 to 6000

A couple animations have been added, otherwise a lot of unimportant changes. Here's my review from 1.10:

"Summary: This game is a 4.5/5 game before level 30 and a 0.5/5 game after. The reasons for this and changes which would generate improvement are discussed, with a summary of changes listed at the end of the review.

One of my least-liked attributes of especially modern games is being long for the sake of being long. All this does is waste the audience's time and detract from anything that is actually fun inside such a game. Usually the term "grindy" comes up when describing a game with these characteristics, because somehow the game which is supposed to be fun has turned into work aka "the grind".

To say that Pimp Clicker is a grind is a massive understatement. New words must be invented to describe the grindiness of this game, perhaps "megagrind" or "gigagrind". Some numbers to quantify how much of a grind it is:

- The first Client gives a reward of 1 gold.
- You must satisfy 50 clients to x10 this reward.
- The highest-ranked whore can be bought for 1.00e+85. Fully leveling her up takes at least a thousand times that.

For those not wanting to do maths, that means the game has about 4500 clients or 450 non-boss levels, since each level has ten clients each. If you were to complete one client a minute, the game would take _over a week_ if the game was played 8 hours a day. In addition, reaching level 640 generates a popup dialogue telling you that you've beaten the game (but is otherwise useless) and using that as the benchmark for completing the game adds several days to the above calculation.

Now I know many readers will take object with this analysis, because this is an idle game, and not meant to be played actively. However, if you don't play it actively, progress drags to a crawl. When "idle" playing of the game, the levels increase in difficulty much faster than the whores improve at pleasure-making, which increases client complete time from minutes to hours and possibly days by the end of the game. Even idle games have their limits, and this is egregiously unacceptable.

To reduce the grind, I suggest the following balance updates: non-spellcasters after Rachel use Ursula's item progression (blue blue red cocktail). Each level converts pleasure to gold coins 5% more efficiently than the previous level. Asuka's spell is buffed from increasing pleasure 1% (stackable) to increasing pleasure 10% (stackable). In addition, the last 6 or so whores could be costed closer to each other (i.e. the most expensive costing 1.0e60), as that would reduce game complete time considerably.

Now, ignoring the grindiness aspect, there's a lot of really good things to say about Pimp Clicker. The game continues to animate faithfully over multi-day runs. The animations and music loop are catchy and well-done. The spell hotkeys are super convenient and keep the cursor clicking rather than darting to the bottom of the screen.

Spells are pretty amazing for what they do for the clicker design. The idea is that no matter how long you afk, there's this cool spell that is off cooldown. Most of the spells are pretty cool. Mirage, for being the ultimate spell, has a pretty boring effect (2x buff the next spell, which should either be Chemical substance or Mug). I would prefer 2x spell buffs to be whore item for a specific spellcaster rather than the hardest to unlock spell in the game, which would allow Mirage to be replaced with something more interesting. Midas Cock is also underwhelming, because I was expecting a shower of coins for 30 seconds, but the most efficient way to use Midas Cock becomes turn it on when the client's almost finished, which is not as cool. Buffs to Asuka's spell (Chemical Pleasure) from 1% to 10% was already mentioned, and for the length of their cooldowns, the effects of Doom Touch and Midas Cock are also very underwhelming. I suggest both be buffed by at least 2x.

Bosses are in principle good anti-afk design (press 1 to advance) but because spells are so essential to advancing the game and generating income, additional mechanisms to demotivate afk are fairly irrelevant. Very cool design obliterated by completely fixable flaws elsewhere.

Cosmetics, ignoring the fact that the nipples shouldn't stick out of the tops, are super cool and have a lot of potential. The thing I like the most about them is that there's a lot of reasons to afk in this style of game, but cosmetics provide something to play around with. Now cosmetics are awarded at a diminishing rate, which is the exact opposite of how it should be, The tenth garment added offers less improvement to the wardrobe than the second garment added. I would like to see cosmetics where the primary/secondary color can be customized, as a rare drop, as something to play with and also allow the regular cosmetics to be given away more freely in the mid-late game.

Summary of changes:
- Non-spellcasters after Rachel use Ursula's item progression (blue blue red cocktail).
- Each level converts pleasure to gold coins 5% more efficiently than previous level.
- Asuka's spell Chemical substance buffed from 1% pleasure (stackable) to 10% pleasure (stackable).
- Doom touch and Midas cock both buffed 2x.
- Added rare cosmetics, which allow customization of primary and secondary color.
- Adjusted nipples so that they don't stick out when a top is worn."

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2.76 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2019
8:09 AM EST