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Penguin Duck 1

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ok, this is my 2nt try at this movie on NG. i revised it A LOT so if your a person who blammed it be4, watch it again THEN vote ;). I added music and SFX. its not finished though, just need to add the river ending and smooth the animation a little bit. (that means the river buttion wont work ;)) ok, also not sure if the preloader will work so just right-click play if it doesnt. enjoi!

*****UPDATE 12/8/2002*****
I added some forgotten mouths in the latter scenes and fixed the preloader (i think). Now just to finish the river ending.

*****UPDATE 12/9/2002*****
Ok, preloader has not been fixed, so if your good with preloaders and you wanna help, send me eMail at Surfin I3ird@aol.com, not my eMail on my NG name. Also, if jordon does look at this, hey, Im tom. dont judge me on this movie plz. lol

*****UPDATE 12/13/2002*****
Friday the 13! ok, anyways, I added a preloader from a site but once I figure out how to make one, I will make a origanal one. River-ending almost done, sorry for wait. (although no one has watched it since it left the portal list ;) but once I get penguin duck 2 out, more peeps will watch it (hopefully))

*****UPDATE 12/17/2002*****
OK! last update(i think!) River ending is compleat! alright, finnaly eh? enjoi! and sorry about him ending up in the same place, but for sequile and prequil perposes, he had too. when i get better at flash, im gonna try and make a game that follows that path except you controll the duck ;) ok, that'll take a while.


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Penguin Duck? MADNESS, I SAY!

It had a lot of long stretches of nothing, and although the music got on my nerves after a while it was still jarring when it cut out for no reason at the ending. Although the characters themselves looked cool and you seemed to put some effort into the graphics, they were pretty uneven- sometimes good, sometimes crap. The "The doors were unlocked the entire time" line was funny but the rest wasn't really funny. And the guy who went before me may have been a jerk, but he was right; this thing is too long.