Blast Door Part 2

January 9, 2019 –
April 1, 2019
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Author Comments

Continue your fight to survive as you open more blast doors & take on more challenges.

Be sure to select the right control setup for you from the menu control screen by pressing the right arrow.

'0' to quit to the menu.
'm' to mute the game.
'space' to pause the game.
'c' to skip cut scenes.

Watch the game: https://youtu.be/CD_VC4QKqxw

Update 1/12/2019:
The issue with the door on level 6 has been fixed. Apparently dying while the light was on would cause the door to stop working after restarting the level. Thanks to everyone who brought this issue to my attention.


Despite the very basic controls and mechanics, the game delivers a short and challenging experience, with each level introducing a new element that doesn't overstay its welcome.
I really love this idea. Constantly throwing something new at the player while keeping previous elements present to
The bouncing blue orb launching itself at you is a very interesting but simple idea that adds a fun challenge to the player, forcing them to observe and understand how it works.

No music tho. Which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you view it, considering it's a browser game and people might be listening to other stuff while playing.

Very interesting game! Looking forward to part 3 and seeing what you'll do next!

Great game, but could've used music.

Great game but music would make it so much better.

This is a really good stable game, it reminds me of the good old mega drive classic shooter games.
This game would be a lot better with music.

Not so hard, I completed the game in one run, in 30 minutes.

Really hard, yet really good! I love a good challenge, and I love this game. I found this game one of the best on Newgrounds, great job on this, just add music and it's perfect!

Interesting and pretty challenging, kind of wish there was music for this game but otherwise, seems like something that would take an afternoon to complete.

Two words: needs polish. This game is rage inducing. I hate it. Ok the main flaws are:
Cant do anything while shooting;
The bosses suck;
You cant shoot up nor down.
This is why i hate this game.

The stop and drop effect when you shoot while jumping is a pain but the game was overall fun until suffering the same experience as SumthinFishy. No light to shoot means no way to activate the door so I'm stuck on that level. Remedy that and I'll happily raise the score.

EDIT: It worked! Still some frustrating game play and the boss room battles are too long IMO, but still enjoy it enough to keep trying and ya definitely earned the rating bump. :)

<deleted> responds:

It should work now.

Took me some time but finally got all medals-looking forward to part 3.

Good job expanding the game, but unfortunately no improvements when it comes to mechanics and movement. Both movement and jumping are still clumsy, If I had a soldier moving so slowly I would kick him out of the army immediately. As it was already pointed out you cannot jump and shoot smoothly at the same time. There is also no option to aim up for example. The game definitely misses the good old Contra-style movement dynamics.

good one, well enjoyable game tho

Decent game. Gameplay is basic and unoriginal, but fun. Played longer than I expected, honestly.

This is a lot of fun. I love platforming games, and you did a great job making one. My only complaint is the lack of different weapons, or the ability to upgrade the one you start with. Other than that, this was spot on!

Well, it was fun at first but I can't get the door open on the level after the second boss with the blades in the floor. Played through 4 times and each time I get there the light isn't lit to open that door. Tried looking for anything I need to shoot or do to no avail. What am I missing? Also it's a little annoying you can't jump and shoot while keeping the jump angle. As soon as you shoot you fall.

Edit: Not sure if the issue was fixed, or if it was a trouble on my end. I went back the next day and it worked fine. Great game other than that fall when you shoot thing. Difficulty level was enough to be frustrating on occasion without wanting to rage quit. Kudos. Rating changed!

<deleted> responds:

I'm looking into the issue with the door.

Nice game! I like the balanced control.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend, I'm Glad To See You Back Again.
Short, sweet, challenging. And it even has a story! That's the way I like it.

I loved chapter one of Blast Door... its graphics, its retro style, everything. And I love this second chapter as well!
It's been great to see you back with chapter two! I really hope to see chapter 3!


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3.69 / 5.00