Stick fight heroes 3

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this is the third part of my stick fight heros video.
i worked very hard to create this...so hope you will like my work.
if you did'nt see my stick fight heroes's another part..then you have to cheak on my channel of youtube and new grounds...there you can find it. :) dont forget to give your review.

song's name i used in this video is...

1. Aero Chord - 4U (Julius Dreisig Remix)
2. Adam Jensen - The Hunter
3. wizard x ayepee-shame(motionzz remix)
4. matafaka-unknown brain.

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Amazing,this animation have potential,keep up with the good work!

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man...

This is awesome!
This particle effect has such a nice touch.
How you do that, I'm mind blown!

AshisAnimation responds:

Thankyu so much my friend.... 😁✌

Cool Sticks

Well this was something cool kind of reminds me of all the old stick animations from back in the day, love some of the angle shots and views you have in this and you have added a sort of story here, would have been even better with some dialog added maybe even just some text bubbles to dwell deeper into the story, but overall this was pretty amazing, Well you have here a cool stick battle its pretty interesting and while there are lots of these kinds of stick battle films out there this one was actaully "PRETTY-NIFTY" with all the action going on so I did come to enjoy this "PARTICULAR" stick battle here so nice job.

would have been even better with some dialog added maybe even just some text bubbles to dwell deeper into the story, but overall this was pretty amazing


AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man... ✌😊

This just gets better and better. :) Maybe the somewhat inconsistent style could be something to work on a bit though? For example how when the white dude bashes the other one on the ground at first the trails on the ground are white, but when he blasts off they're dark... seems strange it'd differ, even if it is a stylistic choice. There are a few things like that, though seems like less with the second fight, and the fights, woah, brutal! No mercy. One after the other though. They just keep coming.

Do like the variation, and the white one's got a trick up his sleeve too. Shadows... that part was unexpected. Doesn't seem like they really get along as well as possible though. XD Even with all that violence there's a little comedy to this after all...

Visually, the different angles, more detailed close-up shots and special effects (aftereffects?) really bring this to a whole new level. Considering how much work went into this it seems it really deserved a higher score! Maybe the first bit doesn't give a perfect first impression, as it really gets better and better the further it goes, but that is the right order too. Really a blast to watch this. Maybe also possible to improve: the expressions, when shown, often seem somewhat simple compared to the fights. Very reaction-based. And with the bone-breaking bits and brutal end scenes for all characters... not sure they add to it, somehow feels like a stickfigure fight doesn't usually go there. Maybe you'd relate more to the main character if he didn't show such murderous intent, really beating down on his foes even when it seems to be over?

Well, the larger whole of this: awesome. :D Can't wait for the next one! Whenever the time comes. Really shows how much work went into this too. Also, regarding not using the shadow clones earlier: I think that was a good choice. A good fighter keeps an ace up his sleeve if possible. If he didn't need them, which it didn't seem like he did, then it'd be good to keep them hidden until he did. Anyway, great work. Looking forward to what comes next.


AshisAnimation responds:

Thankyu for giving me your precious time..it means a lot for me you seen small small bit of my work.. so i am gratefull towards you.by the way thanks for your comment and i will inform you when ever the next part will release.

nice, but did he have to kill everyone? I would not kill anyone and I would probably stay with this girl, even pretty. Animation great but next time give a warrior who does not kill others, okay? 5 ***** for the whole.. lol why did you kill them all?

AshisAnimation responds:

Shadow clones r bad guys ... so in 1st part and 2nd part heroes have to kill them... so now in this 3rd part boss came to take his shadow clone's revange... so..if they did'nt try to kill the boss..then boss will kill them as you saw.... sorry for my bad english..i hope you understand what i am trying to say... and i think you did'nt saw the 1st and 2nd part of this.... if no..then cheak it on my channel.... 😊✌

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3.42 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2019
4:45 PM EST