Friday Night Death Slot

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LAN Adapter Not Included 5 Points

Publish your first high-score to the Internets.

Learning the Ropes 5 Points

Mantain your audience entertained for more than a minute.

The Circle of Life 5 Points

Lose your first round of Friday Night Death Slot.

Getting the Hang of This I 10 Points

Survive for 10 levels.

Spotlight Seeker I 10 Points

Mantain your audience entertained for more than 5 minutes.

Getting the Hang of This II 25 Points

Survive for 30 levels.

Getting the Hang of This III 50 Points

Survive for 50 levels.

Spotlight Seeker II 50 Points

Mantain your audience entertained for more than 10 minutes.

This Wasn't In The Contract 100 Points

Survive for 100 levels.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Presenting Friday Night Death Slot, the only TV game show where our participants die for realsies! Play through six-second platforming challenges, while risking yourself and grabbing Audience Tokens to keep the ratings at bay in this frantic platformer! Also, prepare to die. A lot.

In a world where audience retainment is as low as it could be and the interest on TV is dropping at a rapid pace, a totally-not-evil television host sets out to create a new kind of game show - one accomodated to the audience's short attention span that adjusts to their reactions as it goes on. You, the contestant (slash victim), will need to act quick as you zoom past these production sets, getting to the exit, dying while you try to do so and collect Audience Tokens along the way to not lose the interest of the watchers at home - how many levels can you survive until your inevitable demise?

A controller is recommended for this game, as it has rumble features, D-pad support and it's in general the most optimal way to play platformers. Go get your XBOX gamepad! Also, scoreboard support is on early beta, so bear with us as we squash some bugs. If by any chance it doesn't work, restart your game and try submitting a score again - your best score will save from restart to restart.

- Created by DespediteErik, Aymaykmewsik, Ariel Kim and SlightlySqueamish for the Extra Credits 2018 Game Jam. Thank you for playing, all kinds of feedback are welcome! -


You have two things to watch out for in Friday Night Death Slot: the timer and the audience-o-meter. You'll have six seconds to complete each room and you can die as many times you want as long as the Audience-O-Meter can support it, so don't be afraid to make mistakes!
Your Audience-O-Meter indicates how much of an audience you have on the TV show. This depletes a little bit over time or quite a lot if you die by obstacles, pits and time-outs, and you can refill it by collecting Audience Tokens, a.k.a those green thingies with the star on them. When the Audience runs out, it's game over, so make sure to go through as many levels as you can!

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Great idea, poor execution.

I like the concept. In execution, with so little time, you better have a big flashing arrow pointing to the goal, and much tighter controls, walljumping should not be so difficult.

Controls are WAY too slippery. You need to tighten them up.

The idea is nice but the code and art need work. Some places to land are impossable to see, did not know green stars are importent and sometimes it looks odd. The coding side really needs to be fix, i run no matter how slow i go, this causes me to hit spikes. Another annoying thing is the impossable stages, i try every thing but you can not pass it. You can walk off the stage and die which shouldent be a thing. Lastly no idea what to do and it could have helped.

EDIT: After playing it with cheat code, it become clear that the developer never wanted people to win at the game. Stages are not randomly generated like i thought, they were build like that and the player is just randomly sent to another stage. Another thing about it is that the stages are impossable to beat without extra time. You also can not beat the stages without immortaty on, there is a stage that is full of spikes at the end, not possable to jump over it.

This game wasnt build to be fair it was just build to make people lose.

So I played it like 2 days ago and got really stuck at some point. I came back today and played it again. In fact it's a bit addictive :)
However there is a lot of frustrative moments that could well being scrapped in my own opinion. But if it's the view you had for your game then so be it, I tried to play it as you conceived it :)
Also I like the game in some extent, I like the graphics, the gameplay, the frustrating moments where you die and have either the die sounds or the countdown that actually says you are going to die.
At first I wondered why it would be that sound, but then i got used to it and I laughed each time I would die.
The die sound which is similar of the die sound after the countdown, makes it funny because you expect to die at the 6 seconds, but then you take some spikes and die without hearing the countdown, so it surprises you. I called that the "Jaws effect" just like in the movie Jaws.
In some levels, you wonder how the hell would you pass it, and then after trying so much and dying so much you realize the pattern.
It could be funnier, but I have not the resiliance to try it all.
Although there are some frustrating elements as pointed above like the fact that if you going too much to the left you die falling and this is too much punitive, at least make a wall block. I saw myself too much die in the emptyness attempting to gather a green coin at the start of the level.
The lights does hurt you but their visual compared to spikes are rather looking as part of the platforms, therefore it's easy to ignore them.
In some level you can endlessly loops by gathering three coins and die, again and again.
Jumps are a bit sloppy, the hitbox of your character doesn't match his position when he is grabbing an angle platform, which is confusing because you wonder which side you going to jump when you see your character holding onto 30/40 thin air. And well there is a lot of other improvements (putting coins in a death pit doesn't actually serves a purpose because dying is part of the gameplay in this case)

However well, the game is dynamic and fast so playing it feels funny at some point when you take it easy and i like the variety ot the scenes, although some where repeated right after moving on, giving you a feeling of "Didn't I just did this one?". It's good to rage a little then stop. But it doesn't make me want to pursue a better score.
Again for a game jam game I think it's pretty solid :)

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2019
2:43 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other