A pirate and his crates

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A pirate and his crate

Arrow keys
(R) to restart

Song “The Great Madeja” by Rolemusic under a CC BY 4.0 attribution licence

Discord: https://discord.gg/MVGEbcR

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Not too shabby; I was surprised at the variety of puzzles!

Right off the bat, I feel like it was too short. Just when I started to think it'd get started by forcing me to use the last mechanic that wasn't required prior (sitting in a crate) it just ends.
I still liked it and the music is awesome, I love me some good chiptune. Although it wasn't really fitting for a pirate related game in my opinion.
On level 9 you don't need all three boxes, the one on the top right is pretty much useless once you figure out how. Is that intentional?
In the end, the game was still enjoyable for the few levels there are.

I'm sure many games have been based around this specific mechanic before, but this was still fairly fun. The puzzles weren't infuriating, but they required some thinking and logic. The music was also nice, if a little too exciting for the game There were a couple flaws though. First off, the mechanic of being able to push a crate further if you jump at it is never shown off, you just have to figure it out by accident. Next, some of it has to be so pixel-perfect it makes you forget all about the actual puzzle. I'd rather have hard puzzles with easy and good controls than easy puzzles with annoying gameplay. And the next problem is huge - how was ANYONE expected to know in the last level about the mechanic which wasn't possible at any part earlier in the game, nor was it necessary. How was anyone supposed to know you can get in the crate.
Overall a short game with decent puzzles, but occasionally annoying gameplay and a lack of explanation for mechanics with an underwhelming last level.

Nice and short, but the music is a little bit too loud and the controls are a little wonky from time to time.

Some levels feel too easy, but other than that......pretty fun

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3.36 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2019
12:49 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle