The Caretaker v0.13

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You can choose to play between 3 different characters and make choices that will affect the story in a meaningful way. Do you really care about other people or you just want to give in to the lust? Will you stay in the right path or deviate and fall prey to the temptations you'll find in your way?
Whatever you choose, it will lead to interesting and unexpected outcomes.
This game aims to present you a complex storyline with many different mechanics, coherent characters and a lot of freedom, with meaningful choices and high quality 3D rendered graphic. And of course a lot of kinky and adult situations!‚Äč

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After a while .... Suddenly

Kind of have that on my screen alot. Why not put "5 minutes later" or some variety. So if they fail... we are talking time travel, you just get another redo! I never really liked this generic 3d model stuff. It was ok, but where is the story. First off, who are these other people? Are these family? Friends? I could see if they are coworkers, so they all can help with this project. Why would i be of any help or even know about this new machine? Why do i keep asking about her work? Interaction with the others? I can only peep, masturbate, bathe or talk story to them? The other rooms do nothing? There should be an interaction with each room. Are there any items i can pick up? I got walked on while masturbating a few times, but its all ways on the same time, doesnt matter the day. I know its not finished, but some events happening is what this game needs

Main thing i need to know: What am i supposed to be doing? How is any of these stopping the bomb? Am i supposed to be searching for info? Picking up tools? There is nothing related to the main mission.

I only played with 1 character, but i think it needs more work for this to be a functioning game

I probably spent way too long TRYING to play this game, if you can even really call it that, and I wish I hadn't. Raising the Lust stat for each girl seems to be the only thing that can be done in this game but, even after spending over half an hour having the character masturbate all day every day until the lust stat was over 10 for every girl, it seems to have no impact on gameplay whatsoever. None of the interactions change, the daily routine doesn't change, the girls' attitudes don't change, you just waste your own time. The only other "features"are spying on the girls in the shower and masturbating while thinking of specific girls, which again, have zero gameplay impact. Half of the time you spend "playing" this "game" is spent waiting for loading screens. Playing as the male character and then entering the living room while Lily is there causes the male character to appear on the couch and attempting to interact with yourself nearly crashes the game. The only redeeming quality is the models but even they are virtually the same as you'll find in most of the 3D rendered games on this site. Until actual features are added, this isn't worth "playing". I wish developers would stop uploading such rough and unfinished projects, it just wastes people's time and generates ill will towards their projects.

broken game. premise is nice but game has to at least play

Broken game.

how to progress is unclear. no stats change