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Over The Wall

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This is my final Diploma Animation back in 2017. Sorry for not uploading it earlier :P Happy New Year!

"A Ball has to exit a mine, as it make its way through the mine, it comes across a box, which it begins to dislike. Fleeing away from the box, the ball come across an obstacle which cannot be surpassed alone. The only way to exit is to cooperate with a box, which it dislikes."

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So this was a nice and artistic piece you have here the colors and backrounds and all the different scenes that the ball or character go is really nifty you have some nice artwork here and love the color depth most of all, anyways great stuff here hope you make more

make more like this one


newgamingspies responds:

Thank you so much for your support! I hope to make more short films in the future, and move on to become a director one day. One step at a time :D

The square's not so square after all. :) But more so: the circle came to terms with it too... such a simple premise but: kinda emotional ending nevertheless... the music probably chips in quite a bit too. I wonder how all of this would've been with real characters though, in a way it feels like shapes might've been used just to simplify, but then again they are a creative bit too, and it's like they create a story from what could've been a basic platformer element too in their current form. All pretty nice after all. Do like the shifting textures too.


newgamingspies responds:

Thank you so much for your response. I'm glad it's resonating with all emotionally who watch it.
Doing my Diploma was an amazing learning experience for me, letting me know that story is everywhere, and characters are all around, even rocks! So this was a challenge for me, and luckily, I learnt during my Diploma days that I FRIGGEN LOVE challenges.

Wait, did I actually feel something while technically seing a cube and a ball bounce... x)

newgamingspies responds:

Sweet! My plan is coming to fruition!

Very cute and clear showing of all the good animation principles. There's something super pleasing about the moving colouring of sphere and cube that makes it super relaxing to watch.

newgamingspies responds:

Thank you so much for your your kind words, and I'm so glad it was relaxing to watch. :D

This reminds me of man's relationship with dogs.

A dog can help man over the biggest emotional hurdles. A dog can run circles around man and leave them in the dust but they choose to stay because man and dog have a symbiotic relationship even though they are vastly different.
One might think that the ball is doing everything for the cube but as you can see in the reaction from the ball when the cube comes upstairs the ball is ecstatic and receives joy from the company of the cube who might can assist in other ways as well.

The biggest difference is that the cube has no arms to rub peanut-butter on his balls and I don't think the red ball has a tongue.

newgamingspies responds:

Probably next time they'll have arms as upgrades XXD

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3.78 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2019
9:50 PM EST

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