Finding your Art Style

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Advice and thoughts on "art style".

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This really helps. <3

It's a really great message you have here, I hope a lot of people get to see it. I really thought it was clever how you changed the style throughout, awesome job man!

I think everyone has their own muscle movement signature which dictates their strokes lines and shades. So they just develop a unique muscle movement.

Personally I have also been going though this issue recently with how my own art looks and think that I need some improvement. So this really does help me and is very inspirational to my and thank you for making an insight for people who are new to the art community. This is something I would recommend people who are also having this issue about art and want to go into art. Thank you for your submission.

Nice insight. A few things I'd put out there that you have a style, but you have to match style in the professional world, not change your own. However in the professional world of games in my experience is that you actually do have to be that high level artist to match all styles. Saw this at Obsidian when the team had to switch from a cartoonist to almost illustrator with the switch from South Park the game to Fallout style. Some people were let go that couldn't match the style. This is just insight for larger studios ;)

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