Total NC: Cameo Collector Public build V2.0

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Download (win/mac) instead on itch.io: https://sadinsfw.itch.io/total-nc-cameo-collector

NSFW game. Summon girls, put them to work, and make your brothel a success!

- The resolution options don't work with embedded games, so please zoom out as necessary
- Contains NON-CON.
- Vanilla options (replaces non-con) are available only for certain girls (wip).

Total 36 girls, 144CGs

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This game is really easy to get through. just get some gold up then keep doing "train all girls" and "rest all girls." its the button at the bottom left that looks like two pieces of paper on the screen with all the girls' faces. It gives a ton of gold each time but only takes 20 gold per girl.
also don't train maiya, it'll keep doing the training screen and you'll have to reload the game.

Don't "Train" Maiya. She gets stuck on an endless loop. Other than that, the game is great so far.

This game looks good. While the art style is not my preference, it looks professional and coherent. The story and gameplay are really simple, though. There is no scaling in difficulty whatsoever. Summons stay at the low price of 100, they don't fail, and the money for a summon can be earned with the first girl, from a single sex act. Training girls unlocks new scenes, but doesn't impact gameplay. Since earnings go up based on the order of summon, with the last girl earning most, it's all too easy to summon until you run out of cash, perform a single sex act with the last girl you summoned, and repeat until you have collected all girls.
Training costs also stay the same, so once you have the last girl you can easily max out all training.
I would suggest that summons can be earned through achievements and story-driven events, to give the player a goal. The money earned can go to upgrade items and maybe daily wages for the girls - adding an actual management element. Think of upgrades broadly - you might purchase events or items that unlock sex acts.
Finally, if there is training there should be stats which impact gameplay.
Happiness, stamina, sex-appeal, sexual ability and eagerness could all be stats that impact a girl's financial performance and add gameplay elements.
Especially if certain decisions or game mechanics can also decrease these values, you'll have yourself a proper brother management sim.
Great work so far, though - I really enjoyed the little training scenes and the look and feel of the game.
Keep up the good work.

It still hard locks, repeating message of, (You don't have enough gold for this.)

awesome work

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4.00 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2018
1:06 PM EST
Simulation - Other