Spiral Clicker 0.03

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You've been given a magical gift from a charitable Elf who clearly has no ulterior motives what-so-ever. A spiral, which can drain your willpower and convert it into energy you can use to control those around you.

Click your way into the minds of the girls on your college campus, deepen your control over them, and unlock new outfits, CGs, and Dialogues as you go. If you will is strong, you may get a harem before your own willpower runs out.

Any feedback would be appreciated, as this game is still new. It is my intention not to have any microtransactions in this game, so I am experimenting still on what game mechanics from the genre to include and what new features will help keep things fresh and interesting.

If you enjoy my work, consider supporting my Patreon. I use the income from there to hire skilled artists to work on my games, and to buy food. https://www.patreon.com/Changer

Updates since 0.02:

- 1 CG added for Crystal
- 11 Convos for Crystal Added.
- 3 CGs added for Princess Dianne
- 3 CGs added for DH
- 9 Convos added for DH
- Sophia can now be summoned.
- 5 CGs added for Sophia.
- Aiko can now be summoned.
- 5 CGs for Aiko Added.
- Christmas CG event for Helen added.
- Jolly costume added for Helen.
- Level up system changed to be less tedius.
- Willpower Generation buffed for a few characters.
- Pearls now require levels exclusively.
- Mindbreak UI re-arranged.
- Pendulum and Invisible Spiral now available in Mindbreaks.
- Pendulum now awards willpower or damage based on well timed clicks, rather than rapid ones.
- Girls now generate willpower on a timer, rather than constantly.
- Offline Willpower Generation now restricted to 1 hour of generation, to avoid game-breaking amounts of willpower generated while not playing. (Being able to increase this with upgrades is planned)
- Buttons now visually react to being pressed.
- Added button to go to a girl's profile page.
- Clicking on a girl gives a boost to their willpower generation speed.
- Added button to upgrade girls from main screen.
- Button added to profiles to set a girl as your favorite.
- Button added to main screen to switch between your favorite and the list of girls.
- School grounds map added. (accessible after first summoning)
- Library added to school grounds.
- Time Attack mode added (In library)
- Profile pages for all characters updated.
- New buttons added to Hypno Settings

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TBH for me this game is perfect for mobile, ever thought of releasing an .apk for it or there is one that I didn't aware of?

one of the best Clicker games i have played so far it has a lot more aspcket to it, but i miss a counter or something that can show your progress to getting Perle so it is esayer to keep track. also have Helen at the front of your harem so she is esayer to click on.

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks. I am planning to add a dedicated page for summoning and resets so that you don't need to use Helen's profile for it.

Leveling and clicking Erica is absolutley overpowered

HypnoChanger responds:

Yeah, I'm tweaking the balance a bit at a time as I go

Its a great game but...does it save?
I've come back to this game a few times now and i keept removing the data.
There is a delete save option but not a Save one by its own so i assumed it went automatic.

HypnoChanger responds:

It does save, but Firefox blocked flash from saving by default. You need to change the browser settings to re-enable flash saves.

Задротил в нее три дня. Я завязываю. Ненавижу кликеры, но автор, походу нашел то, чем меня зацепить. Скрипя зубами, я закрою вкладку с игрой. Последняя, кого я открыл, была чика из будущего.
Dude! That really nice game. It takes to me 3 days of waitin and open new girls. Actually I hate clickers but you found nice background to this one. Cant spend time to it anymore. The last girl I have opened was the chick from future with white hairs.
I have a quostion. What can I get when add someone to favorite?