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This short animation is a project I made for Arts Shcool.

It's about infinite fractal universe.

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The concept is nothing too new or interesting, but the execution is very impressive!

Edit: Actually, no... not only is the concept not new or interesting... it's almost as if every detail has been chosen to evoke the quintessential production that one imagines when you hear the words "animation art student film" all together. Starting with a sink dripping water, and to the lonely girl looking out the window within a hole in her chest, and a choker on her neck. Looking out at a starry night, no less... and with the very recognizable Vivaldi score you zoom into the unappreciated majesty of the cellular and molecular universe sitting right beside her... yeah I've seen it before. You did it super well. But it's been done and it's never been a very substantive concept to begin with. Yeah it's great that animation can accomplish that, and that you as an artist can accomplish that visual spectacle. But where is your personal impact on that concept? What in this piece is YOU? Because being perfectly honest, this seems just... generic to me.

Amazing animation, I Love it!

Now this was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

I like how the video transitioned from making me feel icky about bacteria on stuff to galaxies and space.

Gave me a reason to finally try messing around with coding the Mandelbrot set. The parallaxing is good at giving the sense of relative scale. I would have liked if each scene was faster but since this is school project I bet there was probably a minimum amount of time this had to be.

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2018
2:42 PM EST