Zero Core - Exile

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Play as a mouse who need to save her girlfriend from the insect monsters that want to devour her.
The game have 3 different enemies (one of them is the boss) by now.
Still working on the customization of the weapons at the beginning of the game and the special shot.


Protect your armor to prevent monsters from abusing you, once the monster catches you, try to stay calm and hit the right color to get away from it.


Using Keyboard
Z - Main Shot
X - Missile Shot
Direction Arrows - Movement
Using Gamepad
X - Main Shot
A - Missile Shot
Direction Pads - Movement

This game was developed through my Patreon!

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mt bom man , estou ansioso para ver um novo flash seu

Cool game, I wish for more updates in the later days

i honestly wish there was more things the bugs could do to the mouse, she has a dick and all her assets. there could of bin more done, but the game is fun, the movement is solid. but the armor is annoying and the indications of where the boss will go is painfull.

good game but hard

Good game idea, bad game play in general. Once you're out of armor you won't be getting it back until you're dead and what makes it worse is that it is hard to see the "insects" being flung at you as projectiles due to them moving as fast as the background and only getting lucky enough to dodge the ones coming from behind. Once the "bee" catches you and you escape, there needs to be some kind of displacement or "pause" between the enemy and you or else you fall into an awful loop until death. Additionally, there are no Hit Point bars. It would be nice to see some kind of status of my character or a boss that I'm fighting against to track the progress so that if something like my enemy's attack phase has changed, I can be prepared on the fly as well. As a 3D and 2D game developer, I'd suggest that you don't make the enemy faster than me and force my hand to abuse a creator's limited knowledge and the game's limited mechanics. That's just wrong on many levels for both the developer and player.