Zero Core - Exile

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Play as a mouse who need to save her girlfriend from the insect monsters that want to devour her.
The game have 3 different enemies (one of them is the boss) by now.
Still working on the customization of the weapons at the beginning of the game and the special shot.


Protect your armor to prevent monsters from abusing you, once the monster catches you, try to stay calm and hit the right color to get away from it.


Using Keyboard
Z - Main Shot
X - Missile Shot
Direction Arrows - Movement
Using Gamepad
X - Main Shot
A - Missile Shot
Direction Pads - Movement

This game was developed through my Patreon!

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That was interesting. I ran into a glitch where the queen flew off screen and never came back. But that let me test some features. Did you mean for the unstun to work faster if you hold all four arrows keys down? Also, there should be instructions the when the queen grabs you, hold an arrow key and then press 'z' when it's over a blue bar.

A nice little game with good potential.
Looking forwards to seeing where you will take this.
Other than developing more levels and monsters I would suggest these two improvements:
1 Make it possible to change the key bindings.
2 Give the game a quick tutorial explaining the basics.

has potential but it need tweeking the enemies rely mostly of memorization and dont give time to react making the game more frustrationg than difficult plus the struggle sistem is a little counter intuitive my first though while getting grabbed is obviosly mash to get free but here you need you wait till the cursos starts moving hit the button at the right time and even if when you are stunned you need to mash the change in sistem is confusing and hard to figure out at first glance.

Pretty fun, but the grab the boss does is kinda confusing... Is there any way to resist? The gray and blue bar with the arrow makes it seem like there is, but I can't figure it out.

Oh great I made it to the part where the boss homes in and automatically starts raping you, and you get about 2 seconds after escaping before the homing bs/new bees scrolled in force you into the next rape attempt, or the stunned thing where you hold a direction key to gain 1 second before next rape.