Team Sonic Racing GXP Drift - THE ANIMATION

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Sonic gets challenged by Shadow to a race. Of course, Sonic can't turn down this opportunity to show off how fast he is.

This was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on September 30, 2018.


MugiMikey: Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Samba de Amigo
KoVox: Rouge
TheOnlyFlorence: Knuckles, Topaz
SpazkidIn3d: Biolizard
Teela-Y: Ulala
RecD: Beat
JessePajamas: Crazy Taxi Dude

Also, a huge shout out to Spazkid for a hand in some additional animation with Ulala.

A huge thanks to my patrons that helped make this video possible:
Abel Raygoza
Alicia Nichols
Azure Shaw
Biff The Banana
Bryan Rooke
Husky-Leaf Studios
Jay Bentley
Jesse P James
Joey Margolian
Journey Davis

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Knuckles: I kind of want fan art of that
Me: Laughing So do I

the first thing i put my eyes on is knuckles at the end he look like the runt of the litter

Knuckles is hilarious and so is this video!

what the fuck

lol so many jokes, your generosity makes me wet, I just did a bunch of cocaine, its my turn on the xbox