Monstergirl Shantae (Futa ver.)

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Rotty's gotten ahold of Shantae's lamp! She's used it to turn Shantae into her monster girl forms, with some unexpected side effects--one of which gave Rotty a dick!

The two wind up enjoying themselves in the process.

This is the legit place to watch this animation!

This is the futa version of the animation. There is an alternate yuri version also here on Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/723169

This animation was made possible by my patrons: https://www.patreon.com/Zedrin

Sound design by Strelok: https://tehstrelok.newgrounds.com/

This project took me way too long to make. With its alternate version it's basically 8 sex scenes, which while that should be manageable, kinda got overwhelming for me to try and tackle all at once.

I'm very glad it's done and very happy with how it came out still. I didn't get to do all the ideas I had with it (originally I was gonna have 'in-between' scenes, like animating out the parts that are just text now), but I was also able to implement some new ideas like parallaxing and the lighting effects.

I definitely will be more organized on projects in the future to avoid frustrating myself.

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I like the spider part 😩✨

Wow that's really well animated, good job, one of my favorite animations

I said I wanted Shantae in smash, not Shantae getting smashed. All in all this made me cum, but if the first thing happened, I would be Wario's echo fighter and instead of being propelled by farts I would be propelled by cum.

dear god look what happened to this children's game it became a children's intsa-horny maker

I like how you made the pov and spider Shantae parts. Don't get me wrong, the whole animation is awesome. The spider part is the best tho