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Midna taker pov (sound)

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Good models but could use better fov and different interactions. Same old as playing or viewing others with midna. Good start but needs more content in general. even the background i could understand if it was holy light or heaven but a fixture or, sun, moon etc anything be nice other than just white... sounds good overall just needs more content longer vid time, more interaction. For a short loop this is what I would even call to short of a loop. 7 secs a good short short loop is AT least 10 -12 seconds maybe 15-20 but not 5-7 loops are just to small for most people. Again though, more content/interaction #GJ?

Decent model and animation.
Not much going on and it went by very fast.

rather Smashing

Great animation. It's refreshing to see a POV for once and it's pretty well made as well. Keep up the good work.