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This new sex scene features oral, pussy penetration and anal! On top of that we have designed a brand new dick out of the old model. This new dick has not just 1 or 2, but 9 junctions. This allowed us to make it super flexible and realistic in it's movements. It can now ferociously bend in some nicely distributed arcs.

Additionally, this new scene is extremely reactive and depending on what you activate with what, different things will happen.
For example, if you activate the dick's precum while she kisses it, cum will form on her lips, but if you activate it while Lust is slapping or rubbing her face with his dick, cum will form on her face. It will also depend on the direction of the rubbing, is the precum active while the rubbing is in a down motion or up motion? Etc. All up there are slightly over a dozen cum effects. So you can start messing her up even before there is ever a cumshot.

Also to help a bit with this new system and make things a bit clearer, we have created 2 slightly different buttons. The normal square ones activate an animation while the more rectangular shaped ones represent a toggle on/off function (like precum on/off or pussy wet on/off).

This game is extracted from our main game in development: The legend of LUST
which you can download and play for free from our website www.pgspotstudios.com

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The sound effects are much quieter than the music, being able to adjust the volumes to a level between 0% and 100% would let the user bring them into balance

The buttons need to provide immediate feedback which way they're selected. Fade in/out looks great, but doesn't create perception of responsiveness. My suggestion: change the color of the button when pressed (grey to dark grey, e.g.), and keep the fade in the animation.

That said the new cum effects are pretty nice (though hard to trigger) and I haven't seen that much attention paid to the butthole animation in quite a while.


Hi bronze,
thanks for checking out our work and for your detailed feedback.
It is appreciated.

PS have you noticed the buttons on the top left hand corner that allow you to turn off the music while keeping the sound effects on?

I don't think people realize this is just one part of a bigger game, but anyway, I really enjoy this game. Can't wait to see the next character.


Hi BBonless,
yes indeed it is, unfortunately we can't post the full game here anymore as it has grown too big and complex that it requires downloading.
Anyway, glad that you liked this scene and many thanks for the great rating ^^
Cheers ;)

Gonna need the name of the song,friend


Hi KwamePanda,
off the bat I think that the song is called Polar Thoughts.
We have created quite a soundtrack for our game The Legend of LUST, 1 of course being this track here and mainly thanks to our Patrons that have provided us with the budget to acquire all the necessary licensing etc. Anyway, what I was getting at is that if you wish to check out the whole soundtrack you can find the full list in the credit section of our aforementioned game.
Thanks for the great rating and for checking out our work.
PS you can download the game for free also via our website www.pgspotstudios.com

Amazing as usual.


Thank Viper!
Very glad you like it and thank you also for the rating, super cool ;)

Good enough, but not good. These kinds of games are last decade. Nowadays you need to do more to earn my vote. Good idea, but some customization options would earn more of my stars.

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3.19 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2018
4:06 PM EST
Simulation - Other