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A =Act. (Jump, Interact ,Confirm etc...)
B =Weapon. (Also cancels, backspaces, and exits certain menus.)

Arrow keys:
(Left/Right are for movement.)
(Up/Down aim certain weapons.)
(Holding up while falling once a certain upgrade is obtained,
will slow down your descent.)

T=Toggle Touch/Keyboard controls.
(Not very stable yet.)

For some reason, using sound files on Newgrounds kept causing the game to freeze, so they all had to be removed
or the game would be unplayable...

I'm eager to hear what others think of this.
Please leave me a review, (Harsh or otherwise) and let me
know how it is.

The controls need to be remapped, but I've been having
issues uploading all day, and will do so later.

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I can't get past the menu screen, I tired the a & b in the description box, also tried t, and enter, and even bashing my keyboard. I can't get past the menu screen to the actual game play

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

Please try, tapping in the game window first.
It seems like you didn't click on it.
If this IS what happened, please consider updating your
rating. Lol.

The graphics are black and white and small. They should be larger and need color. Controls need work as well. A Save feature could work better than giving passwords. You will need lots of musical tracks and sound effects to be successful.

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

Thanks for your input. The black and white graphics were done as a
stylistic choice. It's how I wanted the game to look, cause I wanted it to
look different and stand out a bit.
I dunno what to do about them appearing small tbh...
I chose passwords as a throwback to retro games. It's honestly what
I was going for here.
And if you read my description, you would know that newgrounds kept crashing my
game until I took all the sound out. If you know of a workaround to get it back in,
I'd GLADY re-add the sound back in, because I spent a long time making the
sounds and music for this game. Lol.
But thanks man.

The A & B buttons are a bit too far apart. Z & C or A & D would work better. The password should be much shorter.

colorsCrimsonTears responds:

Thanks for reviewing! Yeah, I know the current control mapping sucks,
I meant to remap them before uploading, but was having issues.
Thanks for including your suggestion on what I should remap them as!
Oh, and I couldn't exactly make it shorter, each section of the password "turns on"
different things in the game at start up, and there are quite a few collectables in it.

Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2018
9:26 PM EST