Coming to Grips with Christine (Full Game)

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Your sexual relationship with your girlfriend, Christine, is extremely satisfying, but your emotional relationship with her is ... less so. How will you deal with this?

I wrote the "virtual date" game "Getting to Know Christine" over seven years ago with a different artist. This is the sequel to that game, with re-imagined visuals done by Mortze.

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Is there an order to these games?

tlaero responds:

There are two different unrelated storylines.
1) Dreaming with Elsa
2) Redemption for Jessika
3) Finding Miranda
4) Saving Chloe
5) Darkness Falls

The short stories aren't necessary to understand the main story. They add backstory. The ones that start with "DwE" can be read any time after playing Dreaming with Elsa.
Beginnings can be read after Redemption for Jessika.
FM: Alpha can be read after Finding Miranda.
Dream Master can be read after Dreaming with Elsa and might help a bit to be read before Saving Chloe.

1) Meeting Keeley
2) Getting to Know Christine
3) Life with Keeley
4) Coffee for Keisha
5) Coming to Grips with Christine

If you want to download the games rather that play them online, they're all available for free here: https://www.patreon.com/tora


I like the game. Love Christine and Laura's mum. Other than being super sexual Christine is an asshole. I am exploring the various alternatives and know there is more than what I've found so far. I am looking for hints to find more of the endings. Keely's thread is a real teaser. The deviant nun around has possibilities too.

how the hell do you get the good endings?

I'm glad this is complete, and the first two chapters were 5/5 so there's no reason that the complete set which has additional content should be anything less than that, but it is worth mentioning there are things which become increasingly painful as the game gets longer, like jumping to a specific section of the story either because it was entertaining or to unlock a new ending or achievement. Personally I really like sorting the game into chapters and having specific achievements for each chapter, it helps make the game a little more digestible to not have to worry about decisions at the beginning of the game affecting the possible endings, and to know when a certain area of the game is fully explored.

A great game, enjoyed the story and am looking forward to that teaser with Keeley. Love the multiple positive endings, and the half-positive endings, for the non-competitionists out there. Some save slots wouldn't work and achievements wouldn't activate, but switching my browser resolved that, so for anybody else having that problem try a different browser. I went from Firefox to Chrome. Overall very fun and well written, can't wait for whatever you release next.

tlaero responds:

Thank you, thereaperart.

Which browser did the saves and achievements not work on? I'd like to fix that. It's pure HTML5, so I expect it to work pretty much everywhere.


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3.24 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2018
6:09 PM EST
Simulation - Dating