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Price for Freedom: Avarice [0.7]

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Author Comments

Fell free to drop any bugs/suggestions in our discord: http://priceforfreedom.net/#discord

If you have issues with this version, please try the public build: https://www.patreon.com/posts/public-build-23054562

Price for Freedom: Avarice is a top down CRPG, heavily inspired by CRPG’s such as Baldurs Gate, Shadowrun, and others of the genre.. So prepare for a hefty amount of text, NPC’s, characters, and companions! Based on the webcomic (http://priceforfreedom.net ) in the same setting and region, this game tells the stories of different characters, in another town, and another time. The format will allow our team to drastically expand the world lore, side stories, and overall depth.
Just as the original webcomic the game includes adult material, integrated naturally with the story and game flow. Adult material will be dedicated CG animated scenes with supportive narration. Combat does not include adult material, so no "lose to get smut reward" scenario.


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are we able to change our appearance?

how do i pan and change what im looking at?
for ex, i can only see 1/4 of the room.

cant see the mouse which makes this game hard to navigate

every thing about this game is great, except the gameplay, the whole thing feels like a visual novel with an open world glued to it, theres a resounding lack of choice in every interaction in the world, also the beginning is too eager to begin, there needs to be a tutorial section, ESPECIALLY for the very hard to understand combat system. things need to be explained and standardized too, things that can be interacted with need to be highlighted/distinct. finally the writing lacks personality, each character feels and reads the same. despite all that this game has a lot of potential clearly, try to examine the writing and design in proven rpgs like skyrim (if youre trying to go for the hero walking into town sorta vibe) the art however is excellent

Finally a game with a story behind it. sex is great but I like a damn back story.