Pussymon: Episode 41

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What's up guys, in this episode we celebrate 3 years of Pussymon's original story, and here is the Pussymon monthly update. Today I'm bringing a bigger episode with lots of new content and revelations in the story, there are 10 new Pussymon, 36 new animations, 5 bosses to battle, new scenes with Bridget, DASH, Valentina, Lily and Samara, new side quests, over than 700 lines of text/story and more. In this episode we gonna return to Halloween town searching for princess Babette, in the meantime, we gonna get closer to some of our companions, meet some new mysterious characters and learn more about Alana and the Hydragodon.

You can download this and other episodes on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/sp3ktr3 A cheat manager and a bonus scene featuring a new legendary Pussymon are available in the Special Editions.

New additions:
- 10 new Pussymon.
- 36 new animations.
- 5 bosses.
- New scenes with Bridget, DASH, Valentina, Lily, and Samara.
- 2 new mysterious character (to be yet revealed).
- 15 new main quests.
- 2 new side quests.
- Over than 700 lines of text/story.
- New revelations in the story.

Thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this big project, there's much more to come next month. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you later.

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Bridget's story is coming along nicely along with Claire's. I appreciate that our Hero is understanding of when a girl doesn't want to have sex and how he's being slightly nicer to Claire. I hope we get to take both of the girls virginity later to wrap things up and to stick it in Krug's face

good episode, but what pussymon is supposed to be in the slot between Zomgreenter and Halficatty? it is legit the only one i do not have.

WOAH! I thought Adette was the witch! I'm literally shocked! But her mask does look like one of Muwilight, if I am not mistaken...

As for the story, I like the twists you are putting in the game, the story aspect is well developed and the characters are well rounded.

I have a few theorizing questions about what's to come, but I think I will keep them to myself this time.

Gameplay mechanics are awesome, I found the drop rates slightly on the care token side, but not too harshly this time, giving me plenty of train tokens to work with. I think that, if you're getting a lot of flack about it, you could have Lily be a mechanic to trade care tokens for training tokens and training tokens for caring tokens, but that's totally up to you.

The issue I found with the previous episodes, evolving a pussymon and having a glitch where either the evolved version or the second catch at the unevolved pussymon doesn't register one of the care tokens you give the first time is gone now, so I'm happy that's fixed.

I also found the balancing in both the enemy strength vs your own offensive strength and the cash flow (how much you need vs how much you earn) to be perfect as well, leaving me with no grinding for anything but tokens.

Sorry, you did such a great job, I'm really not able to give any suggestions to improve anything really, from artstyle to story to gameplay, this was quite enjoyable and I look forward to the next episode...

Love the series so far can't wait to see where you take it. The only things i disliked was the change in leveling the mons up and the change in care points, but I actual enjoy it immensely now making it super easy to do a quick like 20 minute grind to get all the care points. I really loved the gallery you did in one of the episodes, Hope you do more like that. As the last thing I will say, How long do you think the series will end up being?

SP3KTR3-X responds:

Thanks a lot, man. Glad you like it. I'm not sure yet, there's much more I intend to bring till the final version. Many things will be changed, improved and added, there's much more to come. Keep an eye on next updates.

Honestly, I'm in love with the series its a great story, yeah parts of it can be annoying But thats all games. love your work keep it up.

SP3KTR3-X responds:

Thanks a lot, man. Glad you like it. Keep an eye on next updates, there's much more to come.

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Dec 15, 2018
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