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Hallber and Helen in One Crazy Outing

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Animated mostly with a pencil, thousands of papers, soft pastels and some digital compositing, this animated short was a two and a half year production of passion. Join Hallber and Helen as they go on the craziest date you'll ever see!

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The tribute to the cartoons of the 30s and 40s is great!!!

Wow nice

Now this was really something great here it leaps into the action from scene to scene the fact you did this with pencil is amazing old style animation is always nice so props to you on such a great film entry here, and do hope I see many more of your film works.

make more


Glad to see Cuphead isnt the only one the block paying homage to the old cartoons from the 30s and 40s

SteLomation responds:

Yeah. In fact I put this animation out before Cuphead was originally released. Just a couple months prior, actually. Ha ha. Yeah, I originally uploaded this on YouTube in Summer 2017. I just joined a month ago, and decided to upload here too. ^u^

Your animation style is familiar but I can't exactly place it. I don't want to say old school Disney, because it has a Cool World kind of feel to it. Something akin to Charnsuka Metal Fingers Doom.
have a look:

I really like what you're doing. Keep it up.

SteLomation responds:

Actually, the clips in this video are from Van Buren’s Tom and Jerry cartoons. And yes, I know what I said. No, I am not talking about the cat and mouse of the same name. There were a couple of other cartoon characters that just happened to have the same name but predated the famous cat and mouse duo. I’m also glad to see you don’t want to compare my work to early Disney. While yes I did grow up on cartoons like that, I do want my style to differentiate from that a bit.

Fantastic animation that shows true skill and resolve. My best advice for you is to submit this to a studio and get hired, I truly think with production you'd do great.

If you want to continue independent animation, I'd also recommend collaborating with other artists and writers.

It's good to get help, and I think a fantastic animator like yourself should get more views.

SteLomation responds:

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! Joining this website really was the best decision I ever made! So many loving people with good advice as well! That’s what I’m really hoping for in the future too! :3