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Silent Wind

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Author Comments

Explore the world of Silent Wind. Find out who you are and what is going on.

wasd – move, left mouse button – attack, z – change weapon, e – action.

p – pause, l – lock mouse.

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Here are some notes:
- Due to the similar surroundings everywhere you go, I've found it is easy to get lost because both points of the compass look the same so if it is pointing at something, you have no idea if you are going the correct direction or the complete opposite direction (I know now that during the day, the sunlight will obscure the compass and the compass will keep correcting itself if you are going the wrong way,). Regardless, it would help out tremendously if you gave one compass point a different look, like make the point that guides you red. If you don't, you're most likely going to make a lot of players mad and confused.
- When on the menu, the mouse is hidden so you don't know where it is on the screen.
- I'd really encourage you adding some sound effects (for the environment, enemies, movements, goop depositing, etc.) especially footsteps for the "creatures". It's very easy for them to creep up on you and I think it might make things a bit scarier. I get if you don't want to add environmental sounds like wind (since the game is called Silent Wind), but consider the other ones).
- I'd be cool if you added a bit more choice to the goop machine. When you interact with it, you deposit all your goop, which becomes a problem later on when you can sell the goop. Maybe you only want to put 100 goop in the machine.
- I'd highly encourage adding a full screen option as well as an options menu in general, such as to lower or increase sound or mouse sensitivity in game and to reassign the controls.
- What't the point of the knife? The syringe does the job really well already and the knife can't collect goop. And what's the point of the little boxes you can break open? There's nothing in them!
- What triggers the darkness? It doesn't seem exactly like it is time related, considering I came upon a darker sky, went back to the house before it told me to, and when I got back, the sky looked normal again.

- The last thing is the gameplay. The first level was interesting, but that's when I was under the impression that, upon exploring the world, I'd find new stuff, like letters from other people that had been in this guy's position or new weapons or new, unique enemies, not the same two enemies. Perhaps these things will come up in future levels, but as it stands, I don't want to go through the same process of killing for goop, put in the machine, and go back when it gets dark (the machine that gives you money was something I would've liked in the first level considering I had over 200 goop when I got back to the house after dark).

It looks promising but the difficulty is insurmountable. The camera's sensitivity is excessive with no way to alter it and the "goop" is used up too fast to be able to get more and bring it back. There's a system with coins that allow you to get a few items, but after dying a few times it gave me 1 coin and when I clicked back to play again, the amount of coins was 0 again.

Yes, great game, HP just randomly gets lower with absolutely no explanation. Perfectly easily understood mechanics.

Sorry to rate it low, but the lock mouse option does not work at all, and the camera moves way too fast.

It might be fun if it locked the cursor.

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2018
7:23 AM EST