[FUTA] Christmas Traditions

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In preparation for Christmas this year, here is the animation I released last year! Every Christmas, the mane 6 get together and fuck each other's brains out, aaaaall night long! Dash decided to film it this year! <3

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Good animation

All aboard the fuck train!

i wanted to them finish lol

Love how after a night of sex they cuddle one another great job

One of the rare times the bro's are also the hoe's xP
It is decently animated. But kinda just an amalgamation of the usual.
Just a bunch of hyper dudes fucking each other.

Guess it's okay if someone wants a "recap" so to speak.
But at the end of the day, it's several guys with identical bodies doing... the stuff in the rest of your content. And well, 90 % of all hyper futa MLP stuff.

Its not bad per se. It's well, as said: Just more of the same.
Sound and voices are okay at least. Some of the poses are a bit interesting at least. But most just remind me of Blackguyjr's lazily re-skinned and re-hashed content.

I'm sure the core audience don't mind, and will like this. As they've been watching the same stuff for around 5 years now and still love it.
But to me... it just feel like you could do... I dunno... something? with it?
It's okay, and its the usual. So it works. It just feels really stagnant by now, if that makes any sense.