Our Apartment: Naomi 3D Animation Sample

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Due to some issues on Newgrounds this animation is being released as a video instead of a real-time WebGL build. If you want to see this animation in real-time on your own PC at full resolution check out the proper release on itch.io!

Available on Web, Android, and highest quality Windows PC which this video is recorded from!

Play "Our Apartment":

We'll make more attempts to get this release and future ones working on Newgrounds starting next year!

Naomi 3D is a sample animation to show our goals for "Our Apartment" the next game we'll make after The Couch finishes it's core release content. This game will be a sequel to The Couch, and offer a lot of the same features in more of a 3D format plus a lot more thanks to the benefits of 3D.

But for now this project will only be short sex animations we'll release occasionally when releases for The Couch are slower. For now we just want to demonstrate what we can do and offer more public content!

Keep in mind all assets and content here are work in progress or temporary. In the future there will be significant improvements to the visuals and content.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this!

More animations will be produced the start of next year so look forward to it and support us on Patreon to see that content first! And check out The Couch to see more of Naomi!


Play The Couch:

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Nice animation and voice acting. Love the breathing as well!!!

All I want is the song available for download XD

put liquid/cum effects next time
also improve eye animations

Hmm, the animation is fine, music is good. Composition, framerate, the timing was ok.


Character model quality could be better.
Boobs don't bounce, ass doesn't jiggle. In other words, physics don't exist, except for her hair. Odd.
I can't make out what she says in the background.
You could add a liquid texture to her dildo or her vag, she seems dry as a desert atm.

momoirosoft responds:

Glad you enjoyed the animation!

Character model will get updates to the figure and clothing later. Among making other improvements to the model I lost her sculpted details for her figure. They'll return in the future. I'm also using Marvelous designer now for clothing so that will have some improvements too :D

There's definitely ass and boob jiggle, her movements (and sometimes the camera angle) just don't lend them selves for it to be more intense movement cause I mostly didn't include many sudden stops in the animation it's mostly smooth and rythmic. I tested this a lot and unless i give them unreasonable general settings I could not get them to move much. But i'll work on them more in the future to make sure.

Liquid texture is in the works, but i have to make a custom shader for that in Unity. I wanted it to be dynamic per "Stroke" and didn't have time to create that. I'll add it in a future update to the game build.

Music could be turned down a little, but doesn't have to be by much. I like the rather soft voice, though I couldn't quite understand what some of her lines were, but no biggie. Listening to the voice itself more than the words is good, too.

My only complaint is the sound effect. It feels very unfitting, and too loud.

momoirosoft responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, i'll be sure to give more attention to the audio in the future!

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2018
8:16 PM EST