Heracross Brick Break XXX

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Here's a pokemon-themed arkanoid clone I created! It combines the traditional Arkanoid formula, the powerup system from Raiden, and the clock pressure of Crazy Taxi into an experience that's not quite as fun as any of those. Ha ha! But it's my very first game! So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

It's also got a lot of CRAZY EXCLUSIVE argon vile art you won't find anywhere else, and there might be some surprises at the end as well!

It's easier to play full-screen, so consider clicking the "Download File" link, to play it full-screen in your browser.

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Awww, but Heracross is adorable
Anyway, just as fun as the other version!

argonvile responds:

thanks, yeah!! the game part is mostly the same! just a little extra art and animations and stuff~

Few days later, I finished it. Although, I'm definitely sure that I'm not gonna be able to do Expert in one go. That's just a tad too hard for me. Good game though

argonvile responds:

Damn, congratulations!! The last few stages are insanely hard, you must have nerves of steel to get through it

As a game this is 4/5, the other content is not so good but the game is realistically where most of the time is invested so I thought it was a pretty great experience. The different powerups were cool and interesting, and easier difficulty option allowed for more fun with the powerups imo. All in all, great job hope your next game is a successful as the first game!

argonvile responds:

Thanks a lot! The easy mode really lets you get to see what the powerups are like at their most broken.... the hard mode really makes you work to get them there. Glad you enjoyed it!

all i ask for is a photo gallery

argonvile responds:

I have considered submitting a separate flash game which would just let you play with the Pokemon without solving puzzles -- it still might come some day!

Newgrounds community is really harsh on lgbt content. I swear if something is good but has anything that isn't guy/girl it gets lower ratings.

argonvile responds:

I mean people are here to jack off, and if it's gay they can't jack off to it. I can empathize with them, ideally NewGrounds would provide a way to avoid showing gay content to heterosexual gamers.

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2.72 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2018
5:52 PM EST
Action - Other