Super Slut: Take Three 12-9-18

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I'm getting there as far as the first stage is concerned, but it won't be long 'fore Super Slut experiences being shuffled loose the mortal coil herself!

Let me know what you think!!

Almost forgot:

Arrow keys move the character left and right and jump up and jump down from platform (left, right, up, and down)

N shoots
B opens the door
M replenishes health
You can shoot through the red wall

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The animation is probably one of the better parts about this. The controls are incredibly uncomfortable, the art style could use a massive overhaul and i noticed two glaring bugs. One of the enemies was clipping partially through the platform he was standing on and i noticed that i could replenish health indefinitely. I ended up with a health bar so long that it was touching the edge of the screen.

god this is the ugliest artstyle ive seen in my entire life

GodKingZulu responds:

Yet you still looked at it, even if you didn't play it. And I thank you for it. :D

Just stop, just stop it, stop it, no more.
To put it mildly, the game is full of slag, too curve, with a very bad visual component, I would not even call it a game, but rather a tech demo.
First, work on the game as it should, and only then, when it will be more or less looks like a game, post it here.

I cant access the door, idk if i missed something but i killed all the enemies and pulled that useless lever---

The game its.... okay,,, but I think you should develop it more before uploading it... this is like a boring alpha. Try to add more stuff in it. Sounds, dialog, special animation, idk. I understand that this is just a test, but this doesnt interest me, Anyway I hope you have more to offer in the future

Edit: Im new to this and I dont know how to reply to your answer, but I understand what you mean. I think it would be nice if you let people know this is an alpha (I wouldnt call it a beta since i dont think this game is anywhere close to a demo, but okay, you seem to be nice and the concept is.... interesting xD,,. I will be sure to check any advances, 3 stars)

GodKingZulu responds:

Sorry for using you as a beta tester, :(. I only put it up in its early stages because I have friends who want to see where the game is going. I'll do good by you and make it a more interesting play!

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1.90 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2018
8:39 PM EST
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