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Rugby ruby doggystyle

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Ruby rose from RWBY

Rugby ruby by skuddbutt

Use the links for full animation

GfycatW720p : https://gfycat.com/GreenEmotionalAmericancrayfish

GfycatB720p : https://gfycat.com/WindyDifficultDiplodocus

Please like, follow, share and enjoy >:)

1080p/unwatermarked versions of animation available at https://www.patreon.com/yadasfm

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I really want to eat that bag of Lays Chips on the ground

Yadasfm responds:

lol, you may be the only one who even noticed the lays chips. ;p

Great work! (Dude, is he wearing a sandwich baggie !?!? :)

Yadasfm responds:

hahaha, that was my sad attempt at cumstrings, wanted to render out a version without it, but it takes too long to render.

I like it. Great body work on Ruby. The ahegao face is well, the face describes itself. Also like Ruby's voice. Not too over the top, but not too subdued.

this is an amazing loop and I love Ruby erotic fucked silly face, it goes well with her heart shaped eyes, if there was a zootopia version of this I'd totally see Judy as Ruby and the guy fucking her from behind as Nick ;)