Fast, Cheap, Dildo Masturbation

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Author Comments

A short game I manage to put together.
Thank you for playing it! It means a lot.

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Very interesting concept of having to (quite literally) earn the "reward."
A lot of potential here, I would recommend the following:
-Music/Sound effects
-More color (in terms of the computer)
-The vehicle doesn't really seem necessary, you can easily walk between both buildings, and the car doesn't seem to be any faster. You could get rid of it entirely and it wouldn't make a difference to the gameplay. You could also add to it, maybe make an overworld map or something.
-More interaction. More rewards, maybe methods of obtaining money?
-Speaking of money, perhaps a stat system that influences actions and money payout for jobs? (I would recommend taking a look at NewGrounds Sim by Afro_Ninja, he pulls off a simulator pretty well, you could learn from this, I reckon.)
-Graphics aren't horrible, but the contrast between art styles feels a bit awkward. However you want to do it, though. I don't think people really care about the primary gameplay graphics as long as the "rewards" are fairly decent. However, I will say that the girl's face seems rather... neutral.
-More characters, preferably with actual names.

Like I said, quite a bit of potential, if you intend to continue developing.
And I hope you do. Without any more additions, there's nothing to really do. You can easily change that, though.

Here's hoping for the best.

I like the idea, but there isnt much game here. I was interested because the girl is cute, and the goal of the mini game is to get 100, which is easy. There should be a way to fail the mini game so you have to redo if you miss too many. The graphics arnt very good but good enough (car and work room could be better.

Anyway, more girls or more stuff to unlock. So far that 1 thing is... ok.

There is actual potential here that can make this game go a lot further. I think you should add some more content and maybe some sound too. Like background music (that we can switch on/off) and general sound FX so this game isn't quiet.

serious potential for a style of earn to earn. more dialogue would make earning things more of an achievement and feel more substantial

Let's be honest this is trash and you know it.

Credits & Info

1.98 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2018
4:28 PM EST
Adventure - RPG