SoC 3D v0.2.1

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Changes on this version:

-Added sex with slave
-Added titjob scene with slave
-Added sex scene with Crystal
-Added cannon minigame. You can use it in the dock in Sanctuary
-Working on auto sex mode, you can try it in the titjob scene with the slave
-Removed vertical axis of canon, with smaller explosion on shoot for better visibility
-Small bugs fixed in the scenes with Kaya, Tamia and Marina.


Download the game and support the project: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sea-of-chicks-18-23167383

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weird is how to get off the cannon

the game has potential. i like the theme of the caribbeans with the spanish styled buildings. almost brings me back to assassins creed 4. the idea to put 2d waifus into a 3d world is really unique and cool. i prefer your game over a visual novel because unlike a VN you can explore a 3d world. the 2d art and jiggle physics look really good btw. however the game needs polish. movement can be improved. why are there invisible walls on the fences above the lv 5 slave? i would rather jump down than walk 3 miles around to get to the captain. clipping the ground has to be done as well. i got often stuck walking into a lil bump or stone on the ground. the exp gain should be adjusted. the game needs a settings option thats available ingame too. i look forward to more verbal interactions that make each waifus personality clear and deep. the verbal interactions are currently too small and the personalities fall flat.

this new verson with 3d map is so cool

good work on the world building however
- the leveling is awful, you expect us to reach level 83 when the leveling is so slow? how long do you want us to play for? 3 weeks? the game is great and all but idk how many times i wanna repeat the same minigame over and over for, perhaps getting exp for giving the girls orgasms again would be good

Good concept... thats it... not even really a game... other then walking around looking at potential cutties, everything else is broken.

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2.84 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2018
6:28 AM EST
Action - Other