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Camila [niiCri-Commission Work]

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A lot of outfit in this one -always nice- and the femdom aspect is unique to this one as far as I can tell. The only issue I can see with this one is that the legs are a little uncanny; I think if Camilla's were inside, it would look a little more natural, but right now they seem they seem an odd length and size for their approximate distance and its throwing me off a little bit.

nice graphics, but the buttons were confusing me

Is this character from fire emblem?

The game looks really good but its so slow I have the impression Im on internet explorer. It is unfortunately unplayable.

A very well done piece. The artwork is very nice and consistent. Camilla getting more and more of a flushed expression on her face based on the pace is good emotive touches. Although, for all the work she did, Corrin's "finish" seemed rather lacking.

Very nice overall showing just how devoted Camilla is to her precious little brother.