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Kill an ever growing amount of enemies while dodging hundreds of bullets!!! It's all fair game here.
I wanted to add an online leaderboard, but every way I tried doing it ended up not working. Feel free to flaunt your scores in the comments though!
WASD to move, and left mouse to shoot, that's it!

When an enemy dies, they create 2 more enemies, making it so the enemy count constantly grows. Sometimes, when they die, they can explode and kill the enemies around them.
You can take 1 hit before dying, as in, you can get hit once, and when you get hit again, you're dead.

The music is from an old album of mine, V OST. Download it for free @ https://cthrn.bandcamp.com , you can even donate a couple bucks at me if you want to!

I've had this game sitting on my hard drive for like over a year now and I just wanted to finish it so I could finally release it. Don't expect anything super new and groundbreaking.

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it's a good game. it has what i like in a game challenge, and shooting. there are some things that i think could make the game longer

also i got 5560

There is a big reason why it is called RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
This game has a nice idea to it. It's a game that seems nice and normal then it is just boom!! Enemies everywhere firing at you while you inevitably die due to a wave of bullets. Honestly I think it was really good. I especially like the great challenge while trying to survive while dodging infinitely while shooting enemy's as they duplicate in numbers every time you kill one just so you can get a highscore. The game is very simple, but I enjoyed it. My only complaint is the fact it gets really laggy when you get farther in the game. Otherwise I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. A good basic and simple game.
Nice job :D

This is worse than Rebecca Black's "Friday" on drugs.. half a star.

cthrn responds:

Hey that song's rockin don't trashtalk my main gal

ok I got a score of 54350
I got the glitch by just going beside the enemy and shoot it.

got 3120. good game

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2018
10:42 PM EST