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Going Out With a Yang (2017)

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An old animation I made (2017)

Voice Actor: Felicia V
Her Youtube: https://goo.gl/OZQMth
Her Twitter: @felicia_voices

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the art style reminds me to panty and stocking

which is a good thing, i could bet barbara herself wrote this script, the voices are also spot on and the humor is pretty good

Characters are blocky,
Interesting dialogue and humor.

Animation is nice.

Did Barbara write this? Anyway it was pretty good all around, some of the lip sync could use some work but the art direction was charming and cute to look at

I like the style of the animation. Even though some parts were clearly rushed, the art style does a good job of making even the single frames look very nice. However...

It's not the puns that bother me, it's the utterly cliché interactions between the characters. Was the idea that Blake was so absorbed with her book that Yang was able to sneak up on her? The only reason that Blake jumped like that is because the upcoming pun needed her to. Why was it necessary to show that Yang was standing on Jaune's shoulders? Was that supposed to be funny? If that was supposed to be a punchline, it wasn't connected to anything that would MAKE it a punchline. You see what I mean? The "wacky character following serious character around annoying them" trope has been done thousands of times, even in RWBY itself, if I remember correctly. You've got to do more with it if you want it to be actually funny. The only pun I found amusing was the title, but then you used the same joke in the animation...

Also, nothing against Felicia V, but both characters sounded exactly the same in this one, so maybe you could have gotten another person to voice Blake so they sounded more like they do in the show.

I kind of felt like this made me like Yang even less.